utah porn resolutionProminent members of the adult entertainment industry are calling B.S. on Tuesday’s anti-porn resolution signed by Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert. The resolution states porn creates “a sexually toxic environment,” and labels it as “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” Countering the claims, many in the adult industry are pointing the finger at Utah’s poor sex education as the real culprit for the state’s top ranking in 2015 regarding incidences of sexual violence.

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Las Vegas-area legal brothel and sex resort Sheri’s Ranch, always on the cusp of new erotic trends, recently posted a stimulating blog entry detailing the latest rage in escorting, the Girlfriend Experience (GFE).
“GFE is indisputably the most popular offering in this current age of harlotry,” writes company spokesperson Jeremy Lemur in his latest online commentary, Real Sex Workers Define the GFE (Girlfriend Experience).
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

That special night when all of the boys and girls in every major city in the world go out into the night and celebrate the start of a new year by drinking enough to forget everything that happened in the last year, which is actually a great idea since UVSF did not exist in the year 2014. But we’ll be back in full effect in 2015, which is yet another reason to celebrate by making some bad decisions on NYE.

Whether you’re drinking to excess or just going home with the most attractive stranger you can find, Angelenos, here are your top ten ways to ring in 2015 proper.

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I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard it.

“No one dates in LA.”

More and more often this comes straight from the mouth of a post-coital acquaintance I’ve grown close with over the course of the evening. While I’ve met plenty of Angelenos who most would agree qualify as “undateable”, that very concept is being eroded by the same early-20s, Tinder-toting, hookup generation who took the urbanized “convenience dating” mentality and reduced it to the no-nonsense, no strings attached fling-a-thon it is today.

This epiphany hit me hard one night like I was married to an NFL full-back. This charming nineteen-year-old brunette and I really seemed to be hitting it off, exchanging bawdy quips all the way back to my apartment in the valley, where flirt came to fruition. Mere moments after the fireworks had stopped, this girl lithely slips on her clothes and slips out the front door as fast as the words could slip out of her mouth, “Oh, that was a good one.” Read the rest of this entry »

Ultra Vulgar Super Hiatus

Posted: August 13, 2014 by Esteban in WTF

Yes, the driving forces behind Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend are still alive, albeit somewhat asleep at the wheel. But don’t count us down yet! We will return with stronger and more consistent content as well as some very surprising multi-media productions. Until we feel ready, UVSF will be on hiatus.

Stay tuned and stay vulgar, my friends.
– The Managment



Mrs. Warren’s Profession is the type of play that will haunt you. Or at least, it should. When Sir George Crofts asks Kitty Warren about marrying her daughter, Mrs. Warren says,

“How do you know that the girl maynt be your own daughter?”

“How do you know that that maynt be one of the fascinations of the thing?”responds Crofts.

George Bernard Shaw saw the theater as a place for the playwright to address social issues and incite public discussion. In this case, the inequalities that drove young women to prostitution in the late 19th century. But what started as a commentary on gender injustice, quickly shifted to one of censorship when Mrs. Warren’s Profession was banned before it was ever staged. Read the rest of this entry »

Songs of Bilitis - SCR Photo Call Feb 17 2013

From her inception, Bilitis has been one to seduce men. Claude Debussy scored two sets of musical odes to her, painters painted for her, and a great number of Parisian and, later, European audiences lusted and fantasized over her innocence turned lesbianism turned ardent worship of Astarte. But of them all, none more so than Pierre Louÿs who first invoked the muse in Algeria, summoning Bilitis, and in doing so causing one of the great scandals of literary history.

For more than a decade after its publication in 1894, Louÿs was able to convince the world that his Les Chansons de Bilitis was a literal translation of an ancient Greek poet. When it proved to be untrue there was uproar by the public. Read the rest of this entry »

By: Ashley Berry

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As Los Angeles-based band, Harriet, prepared to open their third residency performance at the Echo on Monday, March 18th, frontman Alex Casnoff chatted up the crowd casually as though he were talking to a small group of old friends.  In fact, he may very well have been doing just that, as residency night crowds at the Echo are known to be heavy on a very tightly knit community of local musicians, and Casnoff is no newbie in the LA music scene.  After stints with bands Dawes and PAPA, Casnoff decided to venture out on his own to form Harriet, named after his grandmother, in the fall of 2011.

Harriet’s line up includes Casnoff on lead vocals, keyboard, and guitar, Patrick Kelly on bass, Matt Blitzer on guitar, and both Sam Skloff and Henry Kwapis on drums.  Their music is an eclectic blend of classic rock, funky ska, and folk/country elements, lending itself to a wide range of comparisons including artists like The Stills, Wilco, and The Specials.


The first song of the night, “Bring Me When You Go”, opens with echoing synth and heavily booming bass that vibrates throughout the venue, giving the feeling of cruising at top speed through a tunnel at night, lights flying by, and wind rushing. Casnoff’s vocals have the softly raspy quality of Andrew McMahon (Jack’s Mannequin) and the soulful, achiness and unusual intonations of Adam Duritz (Counting Crows).  Without pause, the band shifts immediately into “Bad Touch”, which has the qualities of a mellow, jazzy ballad that includes a synth guitar segment with a sound that is reminiscent of steelpan drum music.

When Casnoff introduces “Burbank”, he mentions almost bashfully that the song is about strippers.  He notes, however, that “it’s about special strippers—strippers that we like.”  Casnoff sings melodically and jams out on stage along with the rest of the band.  Kelly completely cuts loose as he dances back and forth across his section of the stage, mouth open, head rocking into the sound.  Kwapis also rocks out over his drum kit, his hair falling forward all around his face, whipping back and forth as he plays.  Blitzer’s movements are subtler; he sways lightly as he shakes his guitar to create atmospheric layers of sound, while  Skloff is tucked away on another drum kit and can be seen only occasionally as he plays.


The fifth song of the set is titled “Heavy Petting”, which Casnoff mischievously points out is “high school terminology for sexual activity”.  The song features a drum interlude that builds in intensity until the guitars slowly weave their way back in and the crowd cheers and claps as the energy swells.  Appropriately titled, “Graceland” has more of a down home, country rock feel with twangy guitar notes and Casnoff sings his lyrics in a matter of fact manner, as though he is simply telling a story.

The members of Harriet end the night with “Momento Mori”, a song that takes the audience on the final, exhilarating ride of the night with light and fast drums, reverberating synth guitar, and percussive keyboard.  It is a wild fit of music that works its way into a frenzy, before a post blow out wash of calm.  After the song comes to a close, Casnoff thanks the crowd for coming out and assures us that they are working on a record, so that they can have something for us to purchase.  Monday, March 25th was the final night of their residency, so for those of you who are itching for more Harriet, you will just have to wait.


One thing you can always count on any year you go to MusInk:  Trashy Hot Chicks.  Oh yeeeaah.  Don’t give me that shit, you know you love them.  And we’re not talking your run of the mill tramp stampers here, we are talking about the cream of the California crop.  On Saturday, March 9th, at the O.C. Fairgrounds, the second day of MusInk 2013, the judges selected the trashiest, hottest chick of all the trashy hot chicks:  Miss MusInk 2013.

All photos by PK @ www.pk-images.com

The Mistress of Ceremonies:

The MC of the Miss MusInk 2013 pageant.  ©PK Images 2013

The MC of the Miss MusInk 2013 pageant. ©PK Images 2013

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