At the end of every year here at Ultra Vulgar, we search high and low for the best NYE parties in town. On a night where everyone seems to be throwing their own “Best NYE Party in Town”, it can be tough to decide where you and your friends want to celebrate the new year.
They say that the way you spend your new year’s eve sets the tone for the next 365 days… well, how would you like to ring in the new year surrounded by Porn Stars, Artists, Millionaires, Models, Kinksters, Singers, Swingers, Dommes, Doms & Subbies, the Hottest Couples in Town & the Coolest Singles Around, and of course, ever hospitable Bonoboville Staff!
It’s not fantasy, but it could be your fantasy come true. We bring you the sexiest, smartest, most fun NYE 2017 parties in Los Angeles: Susan Block’s New Years Eve Bacchanalia in Bonoboville
Susan Block's New Years Eve Bacchanalia in Bonoboville

Susan Block’s New Years Eve Bacchanalia in Bonoboville

It’s not too late to drop whatever secure your reservation for Susan Block’s New Years Eve Bacchanalia in Bonoboville. Entry is free for studio members of the Susan Block show and tickets are available for non-members here or call 310-568-0066.
What can you expect from an event that claims to be the Best NYE Party in Los Angeles?
  • Complimentary Champagne! What is the best NYE party without champagne showers?
  • Open Bar featuring the one of a kind Agwa coco leaf liqueur and Ron Jeremy’s
  • Free Aphrodisiacs to put you in the festive spirit.
  • Free Hors D’Oeuvres, some of the best nibble on the westside.
  • Complimentary Condoms (take a few, there is a good chance you’ll need them)
  • Free Catalysts to Convivial Debauchery 😉
  • And the rarest thing in all of Los Angeles – FREE PARKING!
You can’t find all of those things under one roof ANYWHERE in Los Angeles on NYE 2017. Best of all, Susan Block’s New Years Eve Bacchanalia goes ALL NIGHT LONG! If you hate going home when the bars close at 2 a.m. then you are going to love NYE in Bonoboville, where the drinks are free, the people are beautiful and open minded, and the party doesn’t stop until the sun comes up!
You’ll also get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mingle with international sexologist and Bonobo Way author Dr. Susan Block, Capt’n Max and the fabulous Goddess Phoenix, Mistress Tara Indiana, Mistress Porcelain Midnight, Loni Legend, Audus Isaiah, Madam Jacqueline DuMonde, Ikkor the Wolf, Daniel Watts, Chef Be*LiVE, Jay Toriko, Gypsy Bonobo, Paniscus Brecht & Jacquie Blu.

The show will be live-tweeted by Del Rey @RadioSUZY1

Studio Members FREE. Membership Has Its Pleasures. Non-members are also welcome to join Susan Block’s New Years Eve Bacchanalia. Where Else But the One & Only Bonoboville LA? No other NYE party even comes close to the perks of a Bonoboville Bacchanalia.

Make your reservation here or call 310-568-0066. All proceeds from this event go to charity.

Interested in becoming a member? Why wouldn’t you be. Check out all of the seductive perks of being a member here or call 310-568-0066 and tell then Ultra Vulgar referred you.

Dr. Suzy’s NYE in Bonoboville 2017 is a fundraising event for the highly endangered “make love not war” bonobos and the always endangered Bonoboville Party for a good cause: The Bonobo Way of Peace through Pleasure into 2017 & way beyond!

“Dr. Suzy’s New Year’s Eve” will broadcast LiVE from Bonoboville at Saturday night, December 31st, 2016 – January 1st, 2017, 10:30pm-1am. It can also be viewed in where you can also chat live in the Bonoboville Studio. Call-In During the Live Broadcast: 1.866.289.7068.

Tweet comments and questions @RadioSUZY1 and @DrSuzy. .This week’s live broadcast sponsored by Sybian, Condomania, Glyde America ALL-VEGAN Condoms, Agwa Cocoa Leaf Liqueur, Ron de Jeremy Rum & JuxLeather.

The Dr. Susan Block Show is produced by The Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences, an international center for sexual expression, therapy and education, based in LA, founded in 1991 by Susan M. Block, PhD, world-renowned Yale-educated sexologist, best-selling author and host of HBO specials. The Institute’s mission is to help individuals, couples and communities enhance their sexuality and improve their lives based upon Dr. Block’s philosophy of Ethical Hedonism and The Bonobo Way of Peace through Pleasure. A portion of all proceeds goes to help save the highly endangered “make love not war” bonobos from extinction in the Congo and to promote the Bonobo Way around the world.

An Average Solution to a Simple Problem – Pornography

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Ethical Dilemmas Essay – Case Study: Pornography

The individual in this case is a younger man who has chosen to indulge in pornography as a sources of adult entertainment. Moreover, society has discovered challenging issues relating to prostitution and other moral issues what have caused numbers to rise in Internet usage, claimed failed marriages, rough sex, and possible disrespect fro the opposite gender. Frankly, he has the opportunity to reconfigure his source of values to remain loyal to Christ and Christianity. Throughout this essay, pornography is evaluated in the perspective of renewing the mind and body to succeed, by remembering the sacrifice of Jesus; however, another brief worldview is mentioned for spiritual reference. Read the rest of this entry »



Archangel Proudly Presents “Kendra Lust Loves Big Titty MILFs; Release in Late August 2016

ArchAngel’s GM and Director, MineFreak comments, “Kendra has stepped up her game and this movie looks amazing from the cover to the actual content.” [Kendra has been directing for a short period. She has successfully put out two features so far [so-good]; (Kendra Lust Loves Big Titty MILFS (Video) and 2016 Visions of Lust (Video) .] MineFreak continues, ” The fans are really going to love this one, especially since Nina gave up her anal virginity on camera for Kendra.” Read the rest of this entry »



Nina Elle Gives Up First [Gay Ass] Anal Scene for Director, Kendra Lust

Nina Elle’s Career Move (INTERVIEW)

As a mutual webcam goddess, Nina Ella ranks above others due to her finesse points in beauty; striking looks, blond hair, big breasts, and curvacious body. According to sources (Sinful Magazine), Nina’s influence to go cam relates to refusing to be a poor personality; signed up for a top cam site after watching the ‘Oprah Show.’ Now, she is allowed to work her own hours. Read the rest of this entry »

Rebecca Love – “Bringing Sexy Back From The Dead”

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSUPERfiend


“Bringing Sexy Back From The Dead” is considered a b-movie script featuring pornographic performers sent to mind-boggle the fantasies of scatology enthusiasts… This particular film represents the idea of an infamous doctor seeking out to develop a perfect slave strictly for sex. As this is a fantastic idea for a physician, the outcome turns out as a funny venture with nudity. Read the rest of this entry »

The New Adult Virtual Reality Craze Hits Your Visuals Featuring Aidra Fox

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSUPERfiend


According to sources (Stephen Yagielowicz), WankzVR’s Jack T. announces the premiere of the comic book movie “Suicide Squad” for pornography enthusiasts. The adventures of the lustful delight Harley Quinn are out, into play, with a darker side. Read the rest of this entry »



Rodney Moore Moves Forward With an Entertaining Song as a Montage

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Responsible for the ‘Scale Bustin’ Babes series, ‘She-Male Strokers’ series, and namely, ‘Horny Hairy Girls’ series Rodney Moore moves forward with an entertaining song as a montage created solely by his harmonic efforts. According to sources of adult entertainment, his work is a gift to adult entertainment enthusiasts. As decided, Moore posting his newest tune, ‘Freedom Isn’t Free: An Anthem For Sex Workers.’

The video is stimulating, featuring images of the past concerning the reality of women being available for exploitation – ‘a montage of pornstars, prostitutes, strippers, and pro dommes’ dating back to the late 19th Century. This particular video, from Rodney Moore, is now available for viewing via the Internet on the YouTube website.

Ideally meant to inspire sex-workers, the song acquires a combination of notes from the acoustic and electric guitar, and keyboards, along with the percussion; “He wants those kinds of workers to feel better about themselves.” The opening catch, “We give pleasure to you/Fantasy show and tell/You enjoy what we do/So don’t condemn us to Hell.”

Video: Freedom Isn’t Free, Rodney Moore


Industry Leading Lingerie Show in Mid-September – Las Vegas

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSUPERfiend

Learn about the newest trends in adult lingerie, during the month of September. The International Lingerie Show is hosting models and product exhibitions at the largest Wholesale Trade Show in The Sexy Lingerie and Adult Novelty Markets. Frankly, this kind of event has been going on for over 20 years. Dateline: September 12 – 14, 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

FireShot Capture 037 - Media Tweets by Jessika Jinx (@M_ - https___twitter.com_MissJessikaJinx_media

Media Tweets by Jessika Jinx (@M_ – https___twitter.com_MissJessikaJinx_media

Jessica Jinx – Rising Glamour Girl and WWE Superstar

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSUPERfiend

Rising to the top Glamour Girl and WWE superstar, Jessica Jinx decides to show more to the public. After monitoring an interview, UVSF backs this specific idea. Jessica is thick, smart, and gorgeous; making the move onto the Internet is a grand venture with GlamourBuckz. ‘GlamourBukz’ is already bragging, “… GlamourBuckz is backed by industry veterans with a track record of developing and marketing adult website for almost 20 years …” –

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSUPERfiend Read the rest of this entry »

Alexis Grace Ranked in the Top 300 in the United States (

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSUPERfiend
Alexis Grace (@Alexisgrace_XXX)

Alexis Grace (@Alexisgrace_XXX)

Alexis Grace ranked in the top 300 in the United States ( Sources claim Alexis Grace died in her Tampa home after returning from her performance in Los Angeles. During her stay in Tampa, she decided to invest in creating additional fetish scenes; her boyfriend, Jonathan, reports she had been suffering from her known asthma; no cause of death has been released – she was planning to go to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January and begin a full showing in the industry in 2017 – Fleshbot. Read the rest of this entry »