45 Grave – Pick Your Poison [Review & Stream]

Posted: September 24, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music
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Resurrection Of The Grave

 You may remember 45 Grave as the Heavy- death-metal band from the 80’s. A lot of time has passed since “Partytime” first debuted on MTV, but the distinct style of the grave has stayed put thanks to originating band member, Dinah Cancer. The band has seen some major changes in personnel since their last full-length album in 1983, but those two decades proved to be a refining experience for them in preparation for their latest and greatest, Pick Your Poison.

Pick Your Poison is the first offering from the new 45 Grave. Having been revamped with an impressive cast of musicians and artists, Grave have a lot to be excited for concerning the success of their new product. The sound has changed a little, but will always be subject to the eccentric styling’s of Dinah Cancer. Joining Cancer’s all-star crew is none other than Frank Agnew most famous for his work with the Adolescents. Also joining are Brandden Blackwell of Liquid Pope, Tom Coyne of The Last Dance, and Mark Bolton.


The sound of the new 45 Grave is brilliantly crafted, with excellent instrumentation. Guitar playing by both Agnew and Bolton is masterful and technical. The lead guitar takes heavy influences from heavy metal, while a softer sound is present amongst the rhythm guitar. The bass playing by Blackwell is perfect, bridging the gap between metal and funk psychedelic, much like Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Drumming is right on cue and very busy by Coyne, who has made flawless drumbeats.


The sound of pick your poison is quite hard to pin down, due to its varying styles and genres. “Akira” is the standout song on the album with an original sound that could only be accomplished by 45 Grave. The guitar mixes between ska, funk, and metal, while the drumming could keep even the most skilled dancers feet moving at light speed. Dinah does her thing on the microphone and packs the song full of energy and fun.


On the flip side you have “Desert Dream” which completely slows the pace down. This track being a complete instrumental ballad leaves interpretation to the listener. The track is something you might hear as the intro to a Pink Floyd song, long but deliberate.


45 Grave is once again on the music scene with power and experience on their side. The compilation of such talented artists usually ends up being one of two things, a masterpiece or a disaster. Fortunately for us Pick Your Poison is a masterpiece that has been long overdue. Pick up the album and get ready for the resurrection of the grave.


– Butch Cassidy


Stream 45 Grave’s Pick Your Poison for free at Bandcamp.

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