A few words with The Glitch Mob’s Edit (+LIB Photos)

Posted: June 5, 2012 by Esteban in Interview, Loud Music

The Glitch Mob has been much more than a trio of Silverlake local musicians in the last few years. EdIt, Ooah, and Boreta have become a driving force at the forefront of our current musical revolution. Their diverse style and unique approach to production as well as live shows has earned them plenty of respect in the music community and a loyal following of savvy fans. Their intangible sound has made them virtually exempt from genre classification, something unheard of today. No one doubts that the three are moving towards great things.

Luckily, I ran into Edit after his sound check just before the sun comes up at The Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival last week, and here is what he had to say.

That sounded great. Why did you stop?

[EDIT laughs] We’re just doing sound check. I don’t want to draw a big crowd or anything.

The set up looks great.

Yeah, it’s the same one we’ve been using for our last tour. It sees a lot of travel.

Those light up DJ stations have got a lot of miles on them, huh?


How does your set usually go for these huge festivals?

We’re all so grateful to be here. We pay a lot of attention to details when we play for large crowds like this. You have to. We already know what we’re going to play, but we like to vibe the crowd and mix it up.

Did I hear Swan over there?

Yeah, Swan sings at a lot of our live shows when she can make it.

So what are you guys up to now?

Well, I just woke up from my tent for this. I’ll probably go back to my tent to sleep right now.

I mean in the studio. How is the new album coming?

It’s coming along very well. Slow, but we are definitely turning out some quality music.

How far much do you have done?

We have about 60% of it done so far.

What will it look like in terms of length?

It should be around 60 minutes.

How will the live dynamic change after your next album?

Who knows? It will probably change quite a bit.

You guys recently launched your own label, GlassAir records. Is that where this album will be put out?

That’s why we created our own label, exclusively for our own stuff.

Are there any plans to sign other artists?

We’re talking to a couple of guys we really like, but nothing is in stone yet.

Well, we are all looking forward to hearing it. I’ll let you get some sleep for the show tomorrow.

Thanks for all of your support!

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