Ajunadeep 04: James Grant and Jaytech Mixes

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Dimitri Adderly in Loud Music
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Electrons and Space Code

By Dim DX

Science Fiction has its own labels in movies and books but there hasn’t really been a music which could be defined as sci-fi. Of course, anything with synthesizers, echoes, and flanges sounds “trippy” but as a fan of music and science fiction, dammit, I want sci-fi music. I want extraterrestrial beats, harmonies of the forgotten reaches of the outer realms, and pianos that sound like guitars and guitars that sound like pianos. I want the rules of earthly music suspended and the sky to open up and rain down a sound that could only be described as “other-wordly”. Living past the first stages of the new millennium, the first signs of a newer, broader musical genre is appearing and moving past the simple computer based loops and added plug-ins. Where the consolidation of the new wave of electronic sounds are now pushing our ears into cyber-space and thus taking the imagination of a generation with it. No clearer sign is this evident than with the release of Ajunadeep 04.

Jaytech and James Grant steer this space odyssey with a round trip circling the furthest ridges of sonic synths and bonanza boom. With a collection of the best and brightest from the world of electronic music that include Dusky, Tom Middleton, Maceo Plex, Vincenzo, Solarity and Andrew Bayer Ajunadeep 04 becomes the human expression of the out of body experience; the human psyche and soul’s ascent/recession into planetary alignment.
The music on this release is the sci-fi animation of the mind. It’s pulse paints visuals that map out music, silence, and space. To listen to it requires you re-route how your brain cells interpret music. It is the music of some ultimate extremes: deep and thoughtful yet irresistibly hip shaking and a commentary of the modern era without actual words being spoken. The music of science fiction has crash landed on earthly shores and the execution of sound unveiled by Ajunadeep 04 is surely only the beginning of something much larger taking form.

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