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Posted: April 22, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music

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Although being on a surfboard is where Selema Masekela (Alekesam) is most comfortable, he manages to bring the surf to your ears with his debut album The Sound Of Alekesam. Alekesam brings a magical, mystic, and charismatic sound to the ever-widening genre-blending music scene of the Golden Coast. Blending soul, r&b, Hip-hop, and a unique jazzy feel makes The Sound Of Alekesam a great addition to a plethora of music collections. Don’t let the fact that you recognize Selema Masekela as a host from the X-Games fool you, His Musical background is as deep as his love for extreme sports.

Selema Masekela is the son of a South African jazz musician named Hugh Masekela who has been involved in many Jazz groups since the late 50’s. This has definitely influenced Alekesam and consequently his music has jazzy elements alongside funky synths. The result is hot tracks like “Summer Jams”, which carry you to a peaceful and happy place where problems cease to exist.


Following the pattern of his father, Alekesam is writing music that is designed to liberate the soul and enlighten listeners. The message is simple, and well directed towards those seeking a relaxing and calm musical experience. One could only imagine the sporadic melodies being played in a surfer’s head when he is in the moment. Fortunately for us, The Sound Of Alekesam is the perfect wave in the ocean of monotonous music.


This album has a great ratio of high to low intensity. The laid back feel of tracks like “Ourselves Together” are highly contrasted with tracks like “Lost and Found” that bring a more hearty delivery. Alekesam also delivers in creating imagery and a clear message within those tracks.


The Sound of Alekesam is ultimately a great find, and for a debut album it has become a highly anticipated album. The magic of the album is in its production and organization. Selema Masekela really worked with exceptional sound engineers and created a real ear-treat. The message is to remember that “you need to let go, you need to be fine.”


-Butch Cassidy

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