Pornography: An Average Solution to a Simple Problem

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Ethical Dilemmas Essay – Case Study: Pornography

The individual in this case is a younger man who has chosen to indulge in pornography as a sources of adult entertainment. Moreover, society has discovered challenging issues relating to prostitution and other moral issues what have caused numbers to rise in Internet usage, claimed failed marriages, rough sex, and disrespect forthe opposite gender. Frankly, he has the opportunity to reconfigure his source of values to remain loyal to Christ and Christianity. Throughout this essay, pornography is evaluated in the perspective of renewing the mind and body to succeed, by remembering the sacrifice of Jesus; however, another brief worldview is mentioned for spiritual reference.

Ethical Dilemma

Ideally, knowing Jesus is a requirement to remaining to be a Christian – working thorough love.

Who is to blame for sexual entertainment?

First, the DNA of Christians requires time and grace to develop from the ‘babe’ in Christ. Second, you must protect the God-given Holy Spirit; pertaining to pornography, this industry relates to lust (i.e., using another person for one’s own pleasure), which is the opposite of love.

Now, as a Christian, your duty is to protect the opposite sex as a consequence of being assigned to love them. Lastly, viewing pornography, as a solution to indulge in pleasure, is foreseen as a detrimental solution to be with Jesus and transformed by Jesus – follow the example of Jesus.

Core Beliefs

Simply, the core beliefs of Christianity mandate practicing humility. Chiefly, focus on the God-Centered worldview and surrender to the Lord (Wadell, n.d.); surrendering drops your priorities and agenda, in order to protect the Holy Spirit while surrendering your life to God’s image of purpose through Jesus Christ.


Overall, the Christian perspective channels faith and love to all things in this home away from home. Build the Kingdom by challenging the flesh and deny play-acting into a relationship with the Lord – thereafter, introduce yourself into the required life-changing, all-encompassing relation with God (pg. 15, Pasley, n.d.). Of course, becoming a disciple of Jesus is considered a costly sacrifice; demands people to release their ideology of their own kingdom which translates into choosing Jesus in time and priorities.

Additionally, deny yourself of human pride, greed, and foolishness; choose to pray pertaining to earning wisdom, humility, and sacrifice. Yes, this involves uncomfortable risks and living in strange, new ways; however, the motive is joy. Furthermore, Joy grows as Christians become more like Jesus – becoming ‘increasingly free’ from the sinful traps – the need to be right, possessive, and powerful. Those are considered destructive patterns of humanity (pg. 15, Pasley, n.d.).


As a result of being honest to Jesus, you lose yourself in serving others; Christian require acts of humility while perceiving the truth of Christ’s DNA – protecting the Holy Spirit. In relation, pornography has harmed others through addiction levels and forced sexual exploitation.

By adhering to recognizing the threats, the Christian ins hereby freed from the bondage of the Law (Galatians 5:17:18); sealing the promise that God will complete the work that he began to promote self-control (Ephesians 1:13; Philippians 1:6; and Galatians 5:22-23).

Altogether, development of character is required: Christian character formation policy – emiting godly, holy, and righteous character traits. As the solution, avoid lust (altogether) and focus on protecting others in love; ‘taking off the old’ and ‘putting on the new’ – revitalize one’s commitments to faith (Pasley, n.d.).


From another worldview perspective, pornography is a right for people over 21 years old. This is a human-centered worldview, which reflects on the freedom to seek out and collect items and intangibles for human happiness. Commonly, what ever makes you and others happy is right. In contrast, what ever hurts someone is wrong. These are ethical principles and may relate to moral rituals and folklore. However, according to studies, certain regions of the world have endured upsetting episodes because of sexual exploitation. In fact, Mellissa Farley’s briefing on pornography, prostitution, and trafficking declares pornography as a detrimental influence to good relationships (professional and personal).

Moving right along, Farley reports that pornography teaches men to maintain a dominant role while women remain in a position to tolerate that type of abuse. Also, she mentions, “Boys who learn about sex from watching pornography … are not taught about loving or intimate sex”.(Farley, 2015) Furthermore, according to sources, women of all ages make-up 80% of those trafficked ‘and’ used for sexual exploitation which is a moral challenge. Coming to a close, pornography is implicated in sexual assaults and male aggressiveness in the US, Australia, and Italy (May, 2010).


Surprisingly, this is in contrast to living as a Christian which entails growing as a disciple which is the configuration of freedom, joy, love, grace and beauty. In relation, according to the human-centered worldview, pornography is argued to be avoided in order to concentrate on protecting women and children. To an end, refuse to demean women by avoiding this method of sexual entertainment, in order to participate in Christianity and serve others through Christ Jesus – lust is not acceptable according to God’s preaching through disciples; protect the Holy Spirit.


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