An erotica about a couple of the past and future: Moments of Attraction by ManIntheMiddle

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An erotica about a couple of the past and future: Moments of Attraction

  • The young female attracts towards the Goddess: This is a type of metamorphosis where the younger female encounters sensual pleasures that involve a goddessa.

  • Old male to a stranger: the lost hopes of the male tend to intrigue the forces of pleasure; this force endures enough freedom to entice a much younger female to the point of commitment to the flesh.

  • Godessa meets the Alpha Male: along with the sitting duties of land-keepers, both the Godessa and Alpha male meet head on to experience powerful engagements at the fate of their subordinates.


In the beginnings of time, Tony and Toni have been split apart from birth. Thier goals are the same: to be curious to no end.

Meet Tony (the man)

Ideally, Tony (the master male) explores his endurance and strength by fiddling with certain aspects of engineering and cosmos politics. Throughout, his returns amount to more and more free time to sit and admire his duties for the future of ideal health. He experiences growth in food, supplies, shelter, and wealth. Ultimately, he is pleased with this outcome; however, his loins continue to cause certain mental ailments (memory issues?).


Meet Toni (the woman)

Toni (the godessa) promises to keep her young (subordinates) to her land while she intends on drifting to odd places of mysterious wealth and meditation. Unfortunately, along this particular journey, Goddessa meets governments of capture facing possible imprisonment, unless she gives in to the symbols of maturity (which includes abstinence).



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