And They’re OFF! [Live Review, Photos. & Download]

Posted: May 21, 2012 by Ryan Nelsen in Events - On the Town, Loud Music
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Any punk worth half his weight in Malt Liquor will be able to sing at least five Keith Morris songs. He just added sixteen more songs to his legend by releasing OFF!’s new album on May 8th.

If you have heard OFF! there is no use in me describing the band. Its a dynasty of punk group, a literal supergroup. A Red Kross, a Rocket From the Crypt, and of course Keith Morris.

The album release sold out quickly, to hear Mr. Morris ramble on at the Whiskey A-Go-Go, seemed like a bargain of fifteen dollars. I scalped one at twenty-five. Some bastard was selling them for forty. What I have learned is that those guys usually work for the club, or the bar next door, or for the parking lots.

Drunkenly I ran into Mr. Morris on the street and told him they were scalping his tickets for almost fifty dollars. He said, “There’s nothing I can do about that … man.” Holding out a fist to bump. I, again, drunkenly, grab his hand like it was a job interview.

By this time the King Cobras had really put their fangs into my skin. Don’t ask why I was drinking King Cobra. Because, I’ll tell you. I’m twenty, I paid a bum to buy it. And I don’t have a job. And what else would you drink before a punk show?

The first band was Spider Fever. No one moves for the first band at the Whiskey. That fact is three for three in my experiences. The drummer for OFF!, journeyed his way to lead vocals and guitar for this band. He may have had some extra time between his original job as professional skateboarder for Alva, or drummer for stoner metal band Earthless, or sticks for Rocket From the Tomb.

(Fuck. It. Dude. Life’s. A. Risk.)

F.I.D.L.A.R.’s got many claims to fame. The lead singer’s father was singer for Ture. Songs. Of. Liberty. (TSOL) And during this band I realized I didn’t sleep the past night. So forty hours of being awake and two forties of beer, create a real haze of wakfulness.

In this haze I believed I dance with the dude from TSOL, but that might be a lie. I did get reassured of my drinking habits by the song, “I Drink Cheap Beer, So What? Fuck You.” IDCBSOFU. (I don’t believe that’s the proper acronym, but so what? Fuck you) Then in a delirious mind I got to scream every word of the Warren Zevon masterpiece, “Carmelita.”

And we danced.

FIDLAR’s is good. Becuase, Fuck It Dawg, Lifes All Right.

If your new to the scene there is no use reading this. Keith Morris’ past is well documented. We are well aware of his legend and his ramblings during live shows. Name dropping other punk legends to gain our attentions is just another trick of this guy’s thick sleeve full of them. But we kids who have memorized quotes from Decline, and sung endless Black Flag under our breath to get through dishwashing gigs, we listen intently at every ramble he spits out.

Still releasing pissed off music at an old age that’s relevant to teenagers and old  punkers alike is quite the accomplishment.

When they declare they’re OFF!, the pit gets as violent as I have ever scene one. After the first song my pants are ripped, my eye is poked, and knee is out of place. Its hard getting out of that pit, too. They string together songs faster than if your playing the new CD. And if those songs aren’t the soundtrack to getting hurt in a circle of raging anger, your not listening to the CD loud enough.

See more photos from OFF at the Whiskey at Holloway.

Download OFF’s new single, “King Kong Brigade” here.

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