APAC Relaunches Pornographic Advocacy Website

Posted: June 20, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Film Freaks
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The APAC Expands Website Advocating Pornographic Issues

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Contrary to obscene porn site, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee represents finding agencies, doctors, and advice that relates to performers and not the viewers and fans; however, this is what was found:

”This new website is an important step forward for our organization,” APAC president Chanel Preston explained. “Not only will the site assist performers in locating industry-friendly resources like doctors, agents and lawyers, but the site includes tips on how to navigate the industry for new performers and essential information on sexual health. For those unable to attend our meetings, the site will also help foster community within our rapidly expanding industry.”

Moreover, the information is probably the same on this ‘revamped’ website, but, you are enabled to zone in on this particular company that has been around since 2013; an advocate for the porn industry–it’s all about safety to these guys. Okay?

First chartered in 2013, APAC actively advocates … safety and working conditions in the adult industry by giving … representation in .. their health, safety, and community… For more information on becoming a member, accessing member benefits and attending events, visit the APAC website or contact apac.information@gmail.com.

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSuperFiend

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