Art Vs. Science – Art Vs. Science [Review & Video]

Posted: July 15, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music

Art Wins This Round



Art Vs. Science being called the Australian version of Daft Punk is a gross understatement. Though there are many similarities in the music between the two, there is just as much dissimilarity between them as well. Daft Punk relying heavily on electronic influences, Art Vs. Science using live instruments as much as possible. Daft Punk used the voice in many different electronic ways, where Art Vs. Science uses a more pure tone quality of voice. “Hollywood”(The song on NBA 2k11) is a perfect example of the quality of singing Art Vs. Science uses throughout their self-titled album.

Art Vs. Science is a masterfully crafted album that is an instant classic for international indie rock. Not often does an indie rock group command such a developed and quality sound in such a short time. Forming in 2008 to enjoying international success by 2012. Every track is a dance track that raises the heart beat and makes you tap your toes even when you don’t want to. “Magic Fountain” is definitely a rave-worthy track complete ecstasy and glow-in-the-dark body paint.


The bass guitar is often a driving factor for the music on Art Vs. Science. Jim Finn proves to be an exciting bassist that can rock with the best of them. Lively and amusing bass lines that stick in your mind for days after listening to them are almost hypnotizing. Coupling the bass with the keyboard skills of Dan McNamee and adding the eager and ardent drumming by Dan Williams is a perfect album. “With Thoughts” demonstrates this perfect blend in a very rock driven masterpiece.


Art Vs. Science also seems to capture an 80’s rock feel that mixes with an EDM background in the song “Friend In The Field”. Be Careful listening to this song! You may open a can of worms that involves hours of Journey and Bon Jovi. The song though reminiscent of 80’s rock, it is creative and still makes you want to dance like a fool.


This album is definitely on the top of the list of indie music to buy this summer. Art Vs. Science is a welcomed addition to the indie music scene, and will command a heavy following. Don’t miss out.


-Butch Cassidy


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