August Contest – Rise of the Haters

Posted: August 12, 2012 by Esteban in Contests

Living in a world where political correctness is just as rampant an epidemic as the phenomenon known as lying (through your teeth, not through your bed), and arguably of equal moral detriment, it’s easy to see how delusions are projected onto an increasing number of would-be tastemakers, whom are often seen chasing ridiculous dreams because mommy didn’t have the balls to tell them that their dreams are stupid.

Our August contest is going to take a bit of contemplation, although for anyone bold enough to form an opinion of their own, it should be a walk in the park. The rules are simple: Tell us who you hate. What celebrities boils your blood with the relentless dribble they spew forth? What musician makes you want to break every speaker in the mall when that one song comes on? What artist do you tire of hearing being praised relentlessly for the excrement they produce? What hack comedian inspires a seething apathy in you and yours? [Hannibal Buress] Tell us who and why on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or this comment field.

A dozen winners announced at the end of the month will be invited to a private cocktail party at Nic’s in Beverly Hills featuring countless connoisseur vodkas, martinis, and gourmet munchies, as seen in our Weekly Train Wreck. Runners up will receive a bottle of very special vodka mailed directly to them. Thou shalt reap the benefits of choosing a side…


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