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Mrs. Warren’s Profession is the type of play that will haunt you. Or at least, it should. When Sir George Crofts asks Kitty Warren about marrying her daughter, Mrs. Warren says, “How do you know that the girl maynt be your own daughter?” “How do you know that that maynt be one of the fascinations […]

From her inception, Bilitis has been one to seduce men. Claude Debussy scored two sets of musical odes to her, painters painted for her, and a great number of Parisian and, later, European audiences lusted and fantasized over her innocence turned lesbianism turned ardent worship of Astarte. But of them all, none more so than […]

  Much like heroin, youth is an opiate by which we convince ourselves that the worlds we create in our minds are the same ones that we actually live in. It is not until we grow older, out of youth, that we realize they really were. A young man, Mark, rises from a ‘strange bed,’ waking […]

A Family Thing is a play about how three brothers and their respective lovers attempt to create a family out of the ones they were given. Jimmy is coming home from prison after serving years for armed robbery and Sean and Frank spend a big chunk of their time trying to arm themselves in anticipation […]

The ocean is a far thirteen miles from West Adams. Far from 24th street near Hoover where at a building that once housed horses is now the home of the 24th Street Theatre. Where within that theatre the opening night and West Coast premiere of Mike Kenny’s Walking the Tightrope is set to begin. “It’s not your typical […]

By Jesse Herwitz Victor Hugo once wrote that the ‘one spectacle grander than the sea is the interior of the soul.’ If there is a place where that spectacle is being staged, where the sea meets the soul, then the characters of Mike Kenny’s ‘Walking the Tightrope’ are its permanent resident actors. Subject to a […]

Among the fine arts there have always been two philosophies, two schools of thought, two warring camps: the traditionalists and the modernists. The former prefers this production of that. The latter’s costume design is too much one way.  Inherent in its performance, ballet is very much a traditional form of dance with old traditions in appearance […]

By Jesse Herwitz Natalya Belyauskene’s ‘If Only Everyone’ begins with the image of an airplane flying. It is an image that in a film rich with symbolism and redemption may carry the most significant statement. That is, that there are no borders in the sky. That, in some idealized way, the earth and its varied […]

Azad begins with an old man sitting in a bathtub, a young man, his grandson, by his side for him for whatever he needs. It is an image that transcends familiar bonds. The youth looking at his culture’s past, the elder at his younger self, remembering all he had to overcome in order to grow […]

Written by Jesse Herwitz Opening night for the 15th Annual Arpa International Film Festival began last Thursday with the premiere of Gor Kirakosian’s ‘Lost & Found in Armenia.’ With over 800 members in attendance, filling both Rigler and Spielberg Theater’s to capacity, it was nothing short of spectacular. The crowd roared with applause when the […]