Bassaholics Anonymous – Deru, Ooah, and R/D @ King King

Posted: March 12, 2012 by Esteban in Events - On the Town, Loud Music

   Bassaholics Anonymous 

Photos by Homer Bell

Words by Esteban

             When you think of “Hollywood”, do you think of talent agents and movies sets or do you think of vagrants and traffic? My go to Hollywood association is the King King, something inexplicable given this venue’s unshakable presence on the west coast along with its eastern vibe. Sitting right in the heart of Hollywood and host to more than a slew of great acts over the years, the King King could reach #1 on our list if it weren’t for that fucking beam…

The Do Lab is known far and wide for the sensory stimulating art they bring to concerts. Tonight, The Do Art foundation brought along a live painting with the acclaimed John Park and model Ashley Bowers. This single live painting seems scaled back from their usual multi-faceted, elaborate, interactive art pieces, but at a venue like King King where patrons are already struggling to find room to dance, perhaps this is for the best.

Deru is up first, hopping on his laptop around 10:30 and playing a good mix of chill, minimal, trip-hop dance beats for a good hour. He effortlessly salts the crowd in preparation for the Glitch Mob triplet approaching.

The one and only Ooah takes a little longer to prepare for his set, ensuring everything he needs will be in the appropriate place. Once he begins, his set is like a landslide of swagger, causing everyone in the room to move their feet and bob their heads. He plays a lot of bass heavy hip-hop remixes, and notably only one Glitch Mob song, “We Can Make the World Stop.”

Overall, a bit of a letdown in comparison to his collective music productions with Panty Raise and the Mob, nevertheless, he is but one man rocking at his full capacity.

Finally, R/D steps up to the stage and we get to see someone make use to the midi controller that had been sitting on stage unused this entire time. With deft dubstep and cracking dance tunes, it almost seems like Deru and Ooah had set the audience up just so R/D could knock them down. R/D’s set full saturated with heavy vibrations and deep bass cuts, ridiculously so, which is the sort of thing that tends to be overdone, but R/D takes it all in strike, riding the collective bass frequencies of the audience.

When you see The Do Lab of a flier, it is usually one you won’t just toss to the curb, but rather inspect beforehand. Since their inception, the Lab has build a name of quality shows that tingle the senses, and while this night wasn’t there best go at it, future events, such as Lightning in a Bottle are certain to devastate.


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