Brooke Candy: “I Wanna Fuck Right Now”

Posted: February 19, 2013 by Xavier Washington in Loud Music
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The up and coming neon-dread-rockin-warrior princess of the L.A. underground, Brooke Candy, has got a new video out titled “I Wanna Fuck Right Now” ft. Lil Debbie.

We were first introduced to the stripper turned rapper last summer when she appeared in the video for Grimes “Genesis”. Now Brooke is letting her freak flag fly once again with this new visual from director Spaghetto. The visual features Brooke Candy dressed in a metallic two piece & sporting a few of her reptilian friends as jewelry; something Brooke, like Cleopatra, seems to be fond of. Once again playing with the idea of gender roles, Lil Debbie rocks a guy’s suit with slicked down hair, and refers to Brooke as her bitch.

The visual gives us a nicely lit strip tease with some great shots of Brooke’s…assets. With her history as a stripper Brooke is very comfortable with her body and oozes sexuality. She also provokes her fans into sharing that same sort of comfort with sex and challenges women, when they call you a slut “just say fuck it”. Coupled with her raw hip-hop style her visuals tend to give you that pleasurable, devious feeling, uncut-music videos (and a few other types of videos for that matter) used to give you when you were a kid. Somehow you feel like you just watched something you weren’t supposed to see. Call me old fashioned but I’m a fan of any hot girl telling me she wants to f%#k right now; if she has neon-dreads with boa constrictor hair ties thats just a bonus. Lock the door, close the blinds, grab some Kleenex,and check out this new video from Brooke Candy.

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