Burger Records Night with The Lovely Bad Things at The Echoplex, 2.19.13

Posted: February 24, 2013 by Hector Diaz in Events - On the Town, Loud Music
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The Lovely Bad Things Tuesday marked the third week of residency at The Echo for  The Lovely Bad Things, who are set to release their first full-length album titled The Late Great Whatever .

Every event has had a theme. Week 1 was Psychadelic Judaism night. Week 2 was LA Record night. This past week was Burger Records night, featuring The Aquadolls, Wyatt Blair, Summer Twins, Dirt Dress and Pangea. The last two Tuesdays were at actually at The Echo but with a lineup like the one last Tuesday, theres no doubt that moving things to the vastly bigger sister venue, The Echoplex, was a good idea.

The Lovely Bad Things don’t have this defined sound; they alternate from slow melodic surf tunes to quick paced, almost thrash-like jams. Ther diverse sound definitely attracts a diverse tastes, and he collection of bands that night really stressed that idea. You had a band like the Summer Twins, a pair of sisters from Riverside who will make you fall in love all over again with their harmonious dreampop sound remeniscent of beats from the ’50s and ’60s. On the other hand, you also had a band like headliner Pangea. Their lo-fi garage tunes are straight out of a bitchin’ drunken night at a party—which is on an entirely different level than the Summer Twins.

But that’s great about Burger Records night: The Lovely Bad Things became that middleman that everyone attending loved. After all, it is their residency.

The band played a good mix of old tunes from their Shark Week cassette and the New Ghost/Old Waves EP with their new tunes. Most of the new stuff was reminiscent of faster songs like favorite “Icee Creeps,” which really got the crowd going. They even got a good pit going throughout their set. Their previous performances at The Echo didn’t generate as much excitement as this night. it might have been the size of the venue or it the band must have really been on it that night. They had a very refined sense of focus while still having fun with it.

Finding the right balance is tough; this band has it down.

The Lovely Bad Things’ first full-length album, The Late Great Whatever, will be out on Burger Records and Volcom on February 26.

You can stream the upcoming album on SoundCloud.


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