Cains & Ables – My Life is Easy

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music

A breath of fresh air is always a good thing during the winter. The cold air feels wonderful to stuffy lungs cooped up indoors. It is healthy and should be incorporated into the daily lives of those it is available to. The same applies to music. The band, Cains & Ables, is a breath of fresh air in the music industry we are accustomed to. Free your musical lungs from the oppressive, stale, and musty air of the music industry by giving this album a listen. It is entitled My Life Is Easy, and maybe it really is for these guys.

The musical ability of the group is magnificent. They seem to take a garage band type of feel. The use of excessive midi notes is absent which makes for a pure, crisp, analog sound. The drumming isn’t overpowering, but that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of the beats. Unconventional singing is prevalent and it really is the unique part of the music.


The guitar playing is excellent, and creative. They play a lot of arpeggios, which creates a mystic type sound with their minor chords.  All of these aspects combine for a great album.


The title track, My Life Is Easy, is arguably the best song on the album. It tells a story, which is great to listen to with eyes closed. Imagining the story as it is told to you in song could be bliss for some listeners. If you do as I have always been told, smoke two joints before listening, you might even really be a part of the story.


Overall, this album is one to listen to in time of need. It would never be an album I would put in regular daily rotation, but certainly a good change of pace from time to time. If you are having a stressful day, I would highly recommend this album to relax. Throw a pair of headphones on and spend 45 minutes for your musical lungs. Go and get that good air.


-Butch Cassidy

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