California Democratic Party Gets Recognition for Opposing the Stalking of PornStars

Posted: June 29, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Events - On the Town, Film Freaks, Shit Sucks News, WTF
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Eric Paul Leue Speaks Out [w/Bonus Video]

During the mid portion of June 2016, the California Government decided on whether to hold the porn industry and its performers liable for condom usage. On a Sunday’s vote, the Safer Sex in Adult Film Act–a controversial ballot initiative–was voted out the park; denying the general public the right to confront to sue adult performers and other industry workers ‘when a condom is not visible in an adult film (’ This is a fantastic win for the adult entertainment industry–opening the path to wonderful performances for pornographic art enthusiasts.

Eric Paul Leue of Californians Against Worker Harassment, ‘This is a tremendous, unprecedented victory. We applaud California Democratic Party for recognizing the many problems with this dangerous initiative. … No worker … can be sued and harassed by members of the general public. … We could not have done this without the voices of the performers … Our unity is our success.’

Bonus Video: How to Use a Female Condom

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