Cherub – Mom and Dad [Review & Download]

Posted: February 20, 2012 by Dimitri Adderly in Loud Music
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By Dim Dx

In many instances the problem with electronic based music is the missing human element. The inability of programmed sounds to capture the all encompassing wide range of human emotion that the human touch so effortlessly can deliver. However, there are those moments when electro-compositions break through the static anomaly, the barrier that exists between man and machine and the music creates another dimension of sound upon itself. Cherub’s Mom and Dad breaks through that static anomaly. The duo creates a sprawling soundscape of lust, angst, drugs, and exploration. It is electro-synth pop-funk done correctly; dark and mysterious enough for closer inspection but boisterous and jovial enough to get asses on the dance-floor.

From the opening vibrational enchantment of “What I Want”, it is clear that the sound depth is guaranteed to take the listener on a lurid and dream-like trip through space and seduction. On the next track “Dear Body” the party is officially in full swing: “Everyday brings a new tomorrow/I just wanna feel alive/tilt my head back and drink the bottle/and close my eyes yeah”
As sparse and haunting as “Darling Nikki” by His Purple Majesty, “You Me and and Jodeci” delves quickly into a sex romp immortalized in song: “I can appreciate a woman who knows how to take control/with a fat ass and from heaven/and a heart that’s made of gold.” “Takes it to the back of the throat/and swallows every bit up slow/Cause I’m a nasty mothafucka” The voice box effect on the chorus gives the tune a west coast feel that is sure to please die hard hip-hop and funk fans alike.
The disco funk pop of “La Casa Del Obispo” is a perfect fit for the decadent lifestyle depicted in the track. “Xoxo” is vengeance on the dance-floor. If anyone ever wanted a pop track chocked full of insults and self declaration “Xoxo” is the best thing this side techno-trash talking.
The unmistakable “pop hit” of Cherub’s effort has to be “Monogamy”. The song sounds like it should be sung by everyone from prosti-tots looking for some carnal fun to the middle aged working woman frustrated that she hasn’t found real love yet. “Random ass with some brew and some gas/girl let’s get emotional” beckons forth that stable relationships are perhaps what make many stable people unstable. There of course is the undeniable appeal of the chorus rank with sleaze and fun. “Monogamy is not for me/I want to do whatever I please/dirty deeds and simple things/get down on your hands and knees.”
If the first half of the album is sex, drugs, and rock and roll, the second part of the album is a retrospective. The airy and open feel of “Doses and Mimosas” capture the feel of a glorious hangover after a night of vice. The lyrics capture this very clearly: “Something has to give soon or I’m gonna lose it.” Introspective analyzation soon gives way to flat out fury, however: “To all the b**ch ass hoes that hate me the most oh yeah I hate you too.”
“Hold Me” is a RnB-Funk exercise with a sick ass bass and attitude to match. The chorus explodes into a moment of supreme tenderness: “Hold me in my sleep”. “Lynndenberries” keeps the tenderness going with the declaration “I Love you the most.”
“All” is an electro-pop masterwork with Natalie Prass layering the vocals with such sweet subtlety the listener feels lifted higher in a song that soars with affection and longing. “I want you to always be mine” \ “All I wanna do is be with you” and all I wanna do is press repeat. The harmonies in the final seconds lifts the song off into the skies while the listener is left in a state or reverie.


Download Cherub’s “Mimosas & Doses” FREE here.

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