Chocolate and Art 11.30.12 [Live Review & Photo Essay]

Posted: December 8, 2012 by Esteban in Events - On the Town, Grubbing Grounds, Loud Music
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Photos by Lucky Smith

Words by Esteban

The various roomy warehouses throughout downtown LA stand like rich forestry in a city where industry is the new nature and venues flourish like foliage. Among those empty dwellings, the incognito KGB Studios is a diamond in the rough, playing host to the tenth Chocolate and Art event in Los Angeles. Decadent underground vibes fill the damp night air, making all in attendance feel like they are part of the tastemaking elite.

Upon entry, patrons are met with two small canopies. one encasing several vendors selling everything from jewelry to cupcakes, the other shielding a stage and rotation of rock bands throughout the night.

The eclectic style of music being performed is symbolic of the chocolate and art series of events in which party goers are treated to a multi-sensory variety of delights including chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows, and other fondue-able treats as well as multiple mediums of artwork displayed throughout the gallery.

When talking about chocolate and art, it’s hard to leave out the live nude body paintings synonymous with the events. Deft make-up artists busy themselves with coating models in a variety of eye-popping colors in all the right areas. Truly, it’s something better seen than read about, however, I will say that I’ve never before been envious over an oil paint.

LA local and international artists alike exhibit their masterful work including paintings, sculptures, and metalwork. The inspirations for each piece are made evident, although some are ambiguous, and all are forged with thoughtful care. Observing the art on display, one cannot help but be proud to call oneself an Angeleno.

Chocolate and Art founder, Danilo Santos, started this series of events over a year ago. Since then, they have partnered with several dozen bands, nearly a hundred unique artists, and thousands of empty calories. “The end goal here is to start a non-profit.” Santos says. “We just want to give something back to the community.”

For only $10, Chocolate and Art patrons have the chance to have all of their senses simultaneously stimulated, from the bitter sweet taste of luscious chocolate, to artwork steeped in metaphor that really gets the internal cogs turning, and live music that you can’t help but dance to. For those seeking to be a part of tastemaking of a literal kind, we’ll see you at the next Chocolate and Art event.

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