Daily Download

By Esteban

Can we stop letting preferences in musical taste tear us apart and focus on a mutually positive goal? I don’t care what headliner you’re here to see, just help me jump this gate and get past security so we can both pump more alcohol into our bodies than the human liver could ever hope to process and then spend the rest of the night trying not to fall down whilst asking everyone who doesn’t immediately coil away in disgust if they have an extra cigarette. Sorry bro, but they only come 20 to a pack and none of those are extra. Also, you puked on your girlfriend.

  • I’ve been conditioned to expect four on the floor when I see the word “Remix”.  I’ve also been conditioned to be instantly interested in anything Nick Zammuto is involved in.  If you’re like me in regards to the former, be prepared to have your definition of the term turned inside out, compliments of the latter.  Zammuto doesn’t gloss up his take on Snowblink’s “Safety Stories”.  Instead he takes a gorgeous female croon and adds impending doom.  I implore you to listen to the original for comparisons sake.  Bravo, Zammuto.
  • If you’re like us, after you listen to most music you lament, “It just ain’t damn hard enough”. Tim Ismag‘s Elocnep mashup of “Ouch!” is an attempt to resolve that. Who’s really killing in the name of, now?
  • It’s Valentine’s Day, and most of you are probably feeling pretty shitty about yourselves.  Looking for a track soaked in alienation to the point of downright spookiness? Give a spin to the mesmerizing cover of a Chromatics song “In The City” by Anika.  The track was mixed by Geoff Barrow, which is the least surprising thing I’ve heard all day considering how moody it sounds.  That’s a great thing, by the way.
  • The antithesis to their bring down brigade brethren, the Dub Police are all about enforcing the rules of relaxation. Their new single, “First Flight VIP” is a chill little groove we can imagine listening to while catching hopping the next flight  to Hawaii just as the sun sets into the ocean.
  • The Bay’s underground prodigy and all around fun guy, David Starfire, recently collaborated with the equally ill Desert Dwellers and Afrika Bambaataa and to bring you the only good bomb to ever go off in the middle east, “House of Bhangra”.
  • Hollis Brown takes it extra slow on “Nightfall” the second track dropped from his upcoming March release Ride On The Train.  What we hear with this track is as fresh as it is timeless.  This isn’t far removed from 1966, but nobody’s complaining.
  • We’re hardened assholes around here, but not too hardened to not be tickled as fuck that somebody who produces such “dance floor filth” like 3LAU donates all tour profits to non-profit Pencils Of Promise.  The latest mix is going to floor crowds, without question.  Step into 3LAU’S HAUS HERE (Bitch.)
  • We’re guessing you didn’t hear intricate, impromptu exchanges between kora guitars on your drive to work today — but we’ve got you covered.   Ballaké Sissoko‘s follow up to the award winning Chamber Music takes a step laterally, with a focus on spontaneity and sonic purity.  No superfluous studio tools or compensatory overdubbing.  Stream the gorgeous picking exercise that is “Badjourou” from the aptly titled At Peace right HERE.
  • When we interviewed Minnesota last year at Lightning in a Bottle, we learned that he counts himself among the few, the proud, the elite music producers to actually make a career that was sewn by Soundcloud and nurtured with social media. See, kids? Your social network addiction might just land you a career one day. Go to his Facebook to download his remix of Cassie’s “Me & You”.
  • What’s your favorite season of the year? For us at UVSF, it has to be festival season, and although it is still 2 or 3 months away here in California, now is the perfect time to catch up on  new releases from your favorite underground headliners. One of ours is LA local Stephan Jacobs, and by the sound of his recent collab with Metaphase, “Err Day”, we are going to clean out the puke from our tents early this year.
  • Here is another gem from Royal Bass Records. It certainly sounds like Skrux is bringing the dirty sound this year, and he’s not on your watch list yet, let this track with Complexion change your mind. Download “Believe Me” now!
  • If you’re like us, then you’ve been wondering what Tim Ismag is up to this year. One glance at his Soundcloud will tell you  that he can’t, won’t, and don’t stop depriving your neighbors of sleep with the gauntlet of bangers he has prepared. Download his remix of Vato Gonzalez’ “Fail” and instigate some insomnia in your hood today!