Deathface – From Beneath [Review & Full Album Stream]

Posted: July 20, 2012 by Esteban in Loud Music

A Soundtrack to My Dominatrix Dungeon

               Following his Horror and Fall of Man EPs, Deathface is back with 8 new tracks in his new From Beneath EP. In a recent interview with Trouble and Bass founder and labelmate, Drop the Lime, he told me, “(The new Deathface album) is fucking evil. He’s got a female singer now (Effy), who is on every track on From Beneath and will be performing with him live.” While fans of witch-house and “Bloodrave” might be disappointed, the new direction Deathface is headed in is one laden with rivers of fire, bridges built of corpses, and punk rock skeletons in eternal mosh pits.

Ice cream bells jingle, opening “Black Magick White Drugs” before Effy jumps in and starts a mosh pit, chanting the title with such forceful repetition that it almost sounds like an incantation. Setting the tone for the whole album, it’s clear this is going to be a deep, dark, and aggressive trip. The title track shows us just how hard Deathface like it with heavy guitar distortion, wobbling synths, and complementary gothic organ. “I Will be the Killer” is a personal favorite, conjuring the imagery of bedroom role playing just before Effy slits your throat: “You will be the corpse and I will be the killer”. “Light as a Feather” brings creepy, dubstep tempo incantations to a classic sleepover game, sounding as if Effy is trying to cast a spell or summon demons. If you thought the legend of “Bloody Mary” was spooky as a kid, then you might want to have a change of underpants handy.

The press release from Trouble and Bass, which reads like their own review of the album [link bellow], actually does a deft job in describing the tone of From Beneath. This emerging style Deathface has developed fluidly blends digital hardcore, gothic industrial, and dark dubstep into a disturbing and angst infused landscape that closely resembles a soundtrack Satan might have in hell. Black metal, take note, this is how you make a satanic tribute album. (And if you’re about to accuse anyone of being a Satanist, please cut your dick off right now.) Break out the ouija board for this one, as From Beneath emanates glorious dark energy.

Tell us what you think of From Beneath. Stream the entire album here.

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