December Contest – Hedonist for the Holidays

Posted: December 8, 2011 by Esteban in Contests
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Get ready to spread some cheery joyous shit, because this month’s contest is Hedonist for the Holidays. This is how it works:

Send us a photo, on facebook or the homepage, showing your season greetings in the most vulgar way possible. Bong rip with eggnog? It’s not like anyone was going to drink it anyway. Sex with a snowman? Okay, but use protection. The last thing you want on x-mas day is syphilice.

The most freakishly festive photos win these wrapped gifts from our freshly replenished swag grab bag:

  • UVSF printed glass pipes.
  • UVSF T-shirts, jackets, sweaters.
  • UVSF panties, thongs, and boxers.
  • Pleasure Chest adult gift certificate.
  • AMC movie gift card.
  • Various restaurant gift certificates including In-n-Out, Dennys, Roscoes and more.
  • Secondhand Fruitcake.

Okay, so one of those prizes doesn’t exist. Just send us some photos to claim your free shit. Oh, and if you’re as lazy as I am and still put off holiday shopping until the last minute then you will definitely want to check out the amazing deals and discounts exclusive to UVSF fans at our Fiendish Affiliate page.

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