DevOps Engineer: Job Description, Key Skills, and Salary in 2022

Posted: September 20, 2019 by PK in Education

They also work with QA teams to test new features before they’re rolled out to customers. In addition to being a popular country to outsource product development, Ukraine is also rich in skilled DevOps engineers. They have hands-on experience in working as a part of both extended and dedicated teams, have the latest DevOps knowledge, and are skilled with the industry-accepted DevOps tools. FinOps engineers are responsible for ensuring that the company uses its financial resources as efficiently as possible, tracking cloud spending, and finding opportunities for cost optimization. They may also be responsible for monitoring compliance with regulations and ensuring that your company stays on top of changes in tax laws and other legislation that might affect your business.

You don’t need to have advanced knowledge in GIT but just enough for you to be able to pull and push to the repository, and also be able to fix merge conflicts. Learning GIT is a must for any position that’s IT-related and that includes DevOps engineers. The popular repositories in this aspect are GitHub and GitLab both have great different features further empowering your repositories to even handle the deployment of your applications. Go achieves concurrency natively making it faster and the automated garbage collection ensures lightweight and stability.

Linux Fundamentals And Scripting:

At the same time, developers may need support from DevOps engineers when working to improve the process of building and deploying application code. A DevOps engineer must have skills that span both development and operations, as well as interpersonal skills to help bridge divides between siloed teams. Dedicated software can help them manage development projects with ease.

skills for devops engineer

Since there may not be access to a professional environment present, it makes sense to look towards personal tasks that may be consuming time. Perhaps someone might be into photography, and always need to resize a large number of photos before uploading them somewhere. A quick script can perform that task much more efficiently and correctly compared to manually opening files, selecting the right tools, and making how to become a devops engineer the changes. “Automation” is often a loaded term, encompassing a variety of different contexts for completing tasks. In the context of DevOps, it might refer to automated testing during the integration phase of a pipeline, or a script that periodically prunes old files from an S3 bucket. Building even a simple application across a few basic cloud services can convey plenty of useful, valuable experience.

Communication Skills to be Integrated with QA

It is your responsibility to ensure everything plays nicely together during pre- and post-production stages. Every tool serves a purpose in the pipeline, so knowing how and when each contributes, as well as which dependencies to consider, is key to a flawless delivery chain. In addition to collaboration and communication, a DevOps engineer must know how to use an assortment of complex tools that work together to support software delivery objectives. Despite the fears of QA pros, shifting to DevOps is not the end of QA. QA teams should be tightly aligned with development and operations teams — and get even more strategic. When your company embraces a DevOps methodology, it means change is coming, and engineers are caught in the middle. Every development strategy demands an additional set of skills specific to its environment.

skills for devops engineer

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