Director Angie Rowntree Gets Highlighted in Company News for Views Covering the ‘Dynamic Storytelling’ Revolution

Posted: June 16, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Film Freaks, Interview, Preview, Theater Thriller
Tags: , , , , , ,’s favored Director Angie Rowntree gets highlighted in Company News–pointing out the VR Porn Industry. The featured ‘Dynamic Storytelling’ approach is floating around as one of the longing seducers of [360-degree] VR Porn.

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During the past 17 years, along with others, technologically smart and gruff fans of adult entertainment noticed Rowntree building her identity with enthusiasts; is a well-known site that is geared towards the female audience. According to sources, the virtual reality (VR) world is embracing the idea of ‘revolutionizing the adult industry.’–Angie Rowntree influenced by a film called The Bombing of London shown at the Virtual Reality Showcase–on location: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Vegas (, 2016).

BaDoink VR

VR Smash

VR Smash

In fact, according to sources, the VR environment affected [Sgt. Director] Angie Rowntree in such a manner: “we’ve chosen … the next movie lends itself … to the VR environment, and we’ve come up with some very fine and creative ways to engage the viewer.” From the director’s perspective … adopt a new mindset and try things which would never occur to you when shooting for a flat, [2-D] presentation.”

The VR realm is capable of conjoining the well desired first-person perspective (POV) alongside the full view of the dynamic, visual and audible experience ( Additionally, enabling viewers to become more private, they also gain freedom of movement while being encouraged to explore their senses of control once again (i.e. ‘an amazing freedom of movement’)–similarly notice the objects behind you and above; and listen to the definition of movement (e.g. walking close or far away) that far more noticeable than before, in comparison to the mainstream 2-D version of the silver screen, in-house porn.

Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSuperFiend

  1. Virtual Reality is fast growing that it reaches to porn sites, why not? Porn videos are great but they will be fantastic in Virtual Reality. VR porn videos are more realistic that it feels like you are in there.

    • UVSF and MITM[qg] are keeping their zippers ready for the prologues to the WankzVR series that is packing up with great cam performers. STAY TUNE FOR THOSE SNEAK PEAKS, DUE THIS SUMMER 2017!

  2. Quinn N. says:

    This year, we can expect a virtual porn title to be released every week, so pay up to pay the piper.

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