DJ Muggs – Bass for Your Face [Review, Video, & Full Album Stream]

Posted: January 21, 2013 by Esteban in Loud Music


dj muggs - bass for your face               From Cypress Hill to House of Pain to his very own self-made flavor of EDM. DJ Muggs travels past the Temple of Boom to bring you Bass for Your Face, packed with ten original tracks and two bonus tunes (one features Chuck D!) that would make Dr. Greenthumb envious. As the popularity of DJ culture becomes insane in the brain, you know Muggs ain’t goin’ out like that.  And to the haters – here is something you can’t understand – how Muggs could just take one of the most popular genres of music today and single handedly reinvent it.

A lot can be said about the hip-hop phenomenon currently taking the world by storm, commonly referred to as trap music. A music-naïve friend of mine remarked of the style characterized by items inhuman high-hats and movie-score sounding melodies, “When did hip-hop become so evil?” We see just how evil hip-hop can get when DJ Muggs and Freddie Gibbs slip trap some acid on “Trapp Assassins”, which also seems like a bit of a prod at the often over-simplified genre. Throw some wobbly basslines on that bitch!

The album’s second track, “Soundclash Business”, earns the record’s namesake. Brisk, electronic build yield to bass drops which can only be described as “heavy as fuck”!

Killa P. steps to the plate on “Come On London”, giving the mic a relentless workout before Muggs drops acid synth stabs which decrease in pitch until dramatic, trap-esque horns and high-hats bring the gangster harmony on home.

Yet another gem, “Headfirst” showcases a bass cannon of another kind with the aid of Danny Brown and come unheard of operator frequency shift distortion that is guaranteed to destroy any subpar subwoofers.

If your neck isn’t completely broke from heavy head bobbin’ by the time you hear “Snap Your Neck Back”, prepare to have Dizzee Rascal and BUMBU put you in a neck brace with their “808, 808, 808, clap” and “808, 808, 808, snap yo’ neck back”.

A cheering audience crescendo opens the track, “Wikid”, featuring the deft rhymes of Chuck D alongside Jared from HED PE. The dubstep breakdown turns into a drum and bass tempo as Muggs goes fucking nuts, letting loose a bass leviathan headed right for, you guessed it, your face.

The best attribute of Bass for Your Face is that every tack is an anthemic celebration of EDM bangers; likewise, the only drawback is that songs don’t last quite as long as you would like them to, but that’s Muggs’ style: short and sweet. Although the album spans everything from dubstep to dub to drum and bass, Muggs’ west coast hip-hop flavor always finds a way to come out, varnishing itself in all he touches. There is no substitute for ill, and DJ Muggs knows jujst how to break ‘em off some.

Stream Bass for Your Face in its entirety here and let us know what you think.

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