Doc J – Self Titled EP

Posted: May 21, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music

Doc J Brings The Medicine

Dr. Lewis Jassey isn’t just satisfied being a successful Pediatrician, but aspires to bandage up the rap game with his Medical Kit. Doc J comes from an unexpected background, to bring a new outlook on hip-hop, which the game could use. Although his career has been more or less involved with adolescents, his music reflects a more mature approach than traditional hip-hop.

With the Release of his self-titled debut EP, Doc J brings a flow that is original and fresh, but could use some polishing which will come as he continues his new career in music. Rock music is definitely a big influence on his music, which brings an interesting sound. The Beastie Boys are listed as one of his main musical influences and his rock/hip-hop blend is reminiscent of that style. Although, Doc J does bring a darker rock element than that of Run DMC or The Beastie Boys, which is raw and original.


Doc J’s single, “Contagious”, is clever, witty and brings a heavy pump-up element. That seems to be his M.O. for the EP, although the track “Just A Lil Bit” has a soft, groovy feel that soothes and relaxes. Still, he has tracks like “Lost Cause”, which has a big band jazz feel. His diversity will prove to be an asset in his career as he continues to grow as an MC.


Although this may be his first EP, Doc J is not new to music, and has been very involved for many years working with underground Hip Hop artists. Different circumstances like Med School, and the passing of his Father has prevented him from enjoying the success of his love for music, but not for much longer. The passion, and patience proved to be worthwhile with the release of his first solo EP. Look for this to be a breakout compilation for an upcoming Hip-Hop Artist.


-Butch Cassidy




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