Drive-By Interview with Luccent Dossier’s Atlas

Posted: June 5, 2012 by Esteban in Interview, Loud Music

In our review of Lightning in a Bottle we mentioned that you never truly know who you’ll run into around the festival. Case in point, we ran into Lucent Dossier’s Atlas, who was kind enough to share a few words with us as we enjoyed Kayla Scintilla’s set at the Bamboo stage.

Atlas, you are the producer and programmer behind Lucent Dossier. The mastermind himself.

Haha, some of that is correct. I don’t know about mastermind.

What is Lucent Dossier working on nowadays?

Well, we have a 4 track EP that we just finished coming out.

Sounds awesome. Anything else you are excited about?

For the title track on that we also have a video coming out we are excited about.

What is in this video?

It’s basically just our live show from Coachella.

That’s fantastic.  Although there really isn’t any better way to experience the lucent dossier other than to experience it, a live performance video is the next best thing.

I completely agree.

And such an apt name at that, because what you guys do is truly a lucent dossier experience.


Is there anything special you have planned for your set tomorrow?

Every set is a special set. The one we’re doing at the lightning stage is more focused on illustrating raw power of performance. We’re also doing a smaller set at the Temple of Consciousness that is more focused on intimate story telling. One is more physical and the other is more mental or emotional. Whatever you want to call it.

Brilliant. How are you enjoy this Scintilla set?

Scintilla is amazing. We’re really seeing some innovation with all of these performers at LIB this year.

That’s very true. Well, we look forward to great things from Lucent Dossier. Thank you for taking a moment to speak with me.

Thank you!

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