Drop the Lime – Enter the Night [Review + Video]

Posted: July 4, 2012 by Esteban in Loud Music
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             Founder of the Brooklyn based record label / super-villain collective, Trouble and Bass, Luca Venezia is no stranger music production. His alter ego, Drop the Lime, is known for his unique approach to throwing down tunes that are atypical from his peers. As Luca explains that this is his “first proper album”, it is thus met with great expectations.

From the get go, it’s clear that Enter the Night is not your typical EDM bang-a-thon record. Nearly four years in the making, it’s clear that Drop the Lime poured his heart and soul into Enter the Night


Read the entire review at MXDWN Music Magazine!


Check out his video for the single, “Bandit Blues”!

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