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Posted: April 30, 2012 by Esteban in Shit Sucks News

Thousands today sit in prisons for a simple unifying crime: cos they got high. Non-violent drug offenders plauge our prison system like STDs in Hollywood while unlawful searches and other constitutonal date-rape is increasing all across the nation. What is a super fined to do, you ask?

Your War on Drugs in full effect - from the UVSF offices.

In days, heads of state from the US, Canada and Latin America could begin the end of the war on drugs. We are all losers in this senseless war – it has failed to curb the scourge of addiction and cost us billions, while empowering violent organised criminals across the world.

For the first time ever, key Latin American leaders are questioning drug policy and are calling for debate on decriminalization. And even the US, who invented the war on drugs, is admitting that it is not working. This is a tectonic shift – but many are scared to begin the move towards alternative policies for fear of a public backlash. It’s up to us to give them the mandate they need.

This summit is a powder keg only we can light that will blast us free from the billions spent to fuel drug violence and destruction. Let’s give these leaders a huge wave of global support to lead their region and the world into a sane and humane drug policy – sign the petition, share with everyone and when we reach 500,000 signatures, our call will be delivered directly to the summit in Cartagena:


The jury is in on fifty years of global drug prohibition policy – ‘fighting’ the traffickers and locking up addicts, while the cartel bosses get rich has not only totally failed to reduce drug use, drug production and supply, it has been counterproductive and the human cost is exorbitant. Millions of lives have been devastated, while HIV/AIDS infections and addiction are on the rise. On the flip side, steps towards regulation in Switzerland, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Australia show impressive results in reduced drug addiction and drug related crime. At this stage a change in global drug policy is simply common sense.

So who is standing in the way of a sane approach? Politicians and law enforcement. The military and police forces are paid millions to fight drug criminals, but these loud advocates for the war on drugs have repeatedly been found to be in bed with those same criminals. And, politicians in office are scared off by advisers who say people will only support those who are ‘tough on crime’.

But, former heads of state are speaking out, polls are showing the public has shifted in the legalisation debate, and last year, Avaaz’s massive End the War on Drugs campaign helped open up policy debate at the highest level of the United Nations. Now, political pressure is ramping up in Latin America – Presidents Calderon of Mexico and Santos of Colombia, previous advocates for the war, have spoken out and President Molina of Guatemala became the first sitting head of state to call for alternative policies. His brave move has broken the taboo, galvanized others and caused a diplomatic firestorm, with the US rattled and lobbying hard for countries hard to tow the line.

Get out there, super fiends, wherever you may reside, and show the world, and local government, that enough is enough. The a failed policy is a failed policy, regardless of revenue streams, and it can be tolerated no longer. Get out there and fuck it up.

  1. As far as I can tell, drug addiction is completely fake. I’ve been to many AA meetings, spoken to the ‘addicts’ and listened to their stories. They never had a deep compulsion to do drugs. Instead, they used drugs to hide mischievous behavior or to alienate others so that they could prowl more freely and sleep around. Of course, they always claim they have a disease. AA is a cult designed to promote the Addiction Myth to protect scoundrels. For whom we are killing innocent people around the world.


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