Faux Pas Review

Posted: May 1, 2012 by Esteban in Grubbing Grounds

“We don’t take ourselves very seriously.” The bartender says as she slides a guava and jalapeño mimosa my way.

“So all of this pretentiousness I am sensing, it’s all fake?”

A shit ton of rum + fruit = fruit punch + diabetes (diabetes sold separately)

She smiles genuinely. The glint in her eye washes the sarcasm from my words, turning my question into a statement.

Clad in an oaken décor, Faux Pas nestles itself comfortably off of a corner in Fairfax. Suits and sequenced dresses penetrate the red carpet entrance and mingle within. The terrain is diverse: with the bar in the center, the bistro sports a patio front, sunken seating by fireplace, numerous booths, and elevated tables with ambient lighting.  

“Being adjacent to The Grove is one benefit to this location.” A patron tells me.

“It’s as if this place is trying to be a French Gastropub.” My acquaintance, Chrystal, concludes.

A peak at the menu reveals a vast selection of beer, wine, and custom cocktails, surprisingly modestly priced food, and notably the lack of essential French cuisine. The appetizers provided for the soft opening, however, quite delicious.

“We know we are not really a French Restaurant, and we don’t very much care.” The hostess reveals, adding that “We’re just about having a good time.”

Faux Pas is a sort of fake pretending, indifferent to an irony saturated situation. What matters? Food and drink; sustenance and intoxication. Faux Pas is a destination where wine snobs are dismissed, despite the extensive wine selection. It’s a place that welcomes smiles, friends, fantasies, and foodies alike. But, are they just pretending? Decide for yourself by visiting this diamond in the rough at 7910 3rd St.

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