Featured Chemical – 25I-NBOMe

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Esteban in Pragmatic Profligacy

   This may come as a bit of an oddity for our first Featured Chemical segment, of which there are sure to be many more where we meet, greet, and explore new and unique research chemicals. The main qualifier for this particular mind expansion tool was me having way too much of the thing and finally running through the stash. 25I-NBOMe is a phenethylamine, which is fancy talk for a psychedelic stimulant. Discovered by Ralf Heim in 2003 and made popular by the infamous David Nichols of Purdue University, this premiere drug is a novelty which remains elusive in even the tightest of RC circles. You won’t find it in PiHKAL, but interested parties will find this to be much more than a novel chemical.

There is not a lot of info on this chemical on the net or otherwise, which is exactly why it is a choice subject for this article. 25I is the big brother of 2C-I, which may sound a tad more familiar. For simplicity sake, we’ll say 25I-NBOMe is approximately 25 times the potency of 2C-I, meaning the dosage is much, much smaller as well. While it is active to the microgram, researchers have reported doses as high as 5 mg to be “safe” and effective. For those who don’t have real, hardcore lab equipment, it may be easier to dilute this chemical in a small amount of ethanol (vodka anyone?) and dose from a pipette.

But down to the nitty gritty; what is it like? Disregarding that “Not for Human Consumption” sticker, researchers will find that 25i comes on much slower than any relatives of the 2C family. In fact, 25I often infiltrates your consciousness without you knowing it. You might become bored after a very sobering hour of sitting around, but under no circumstance should you re-dosing. An hour or two after ingestion, pick up a book (we recommend catching up on some UVSF articles) and you’ll notice that letters take on a life of their own and refuse to hold still. Another indication is often finding oneself reduced to a giggling mess. Yup, you’re tripping.

Akin to its brother, which is known for its intense visuals, 25I also produces pronounced visual and subtle auditory hallucinations. One noteworthy attribute here is the longevity of the chemical, which seems to peak around 4 hours, but continues to be active for another 12 before one can finally read words without them moving around on their own accord. This may give the chemical a more practical value for long nights, festivals, or in combination with other enhancements.

Of course, we would never recommend anything that could be potentially harmful, but experienced researchers may want to consider the following combinations which work wonders given the subtle synergy of this lovely chemical.

Alcohol. Although the word “moderation” is one often overlooked by those living in a state of pragmatic profligacy, hard liquor and RCs is absolutely a yellow flag. That being said, a few beers here and there take the edge off of the anxiousness often associated with psychedelics.

DXM. Don’t ask how we discovered this, but knocking back 300mg or so of dextromethorphan, the psychoactive in cough medicine, provides a synergetic effect on the psychedelic properties of 25I. In addition to the dissociated “robo-walk” features archetypical of DXM, you have the grinning euphoria and trippy-ness of a phenethylamine. As with all RCs with little to no real studies done on them, pursue this combination at your own risk.

Cannabis. What can we say? A little weed goes a long way. With everything. In this case, it only potentates your abstract thought patterns typical of psychedelics.

Things to watch out for and stay away from include more stimulants like coke and ecstasy and depressants like opiates and benzos. Also, MAOIs in combination with just about anything nowadays, 25I included, is a no go.

All things considered, 25I is absolutely not without its merit, however, enthusiasts in search of a shorter, more intense peek may opt for the traditional 2C’s. One could never go wrong with Shulgin’s Magical Half Dozen, of which we plan on doing a Featured Chemical article on each coming soon. Remember, be safe in your sinning and fully enjoy every aspect of your mortal vessel. Peace.


  1. Binks says:

    Excellent article. Such a shame I missed this one.

  2. LaGrippe says:

    A very damn good article, and it would be awesome to see more like it in the future. Have already done 2C-C-NBOMe and am wicked excited to be getting some 25I blotter soon.

  3. Potter Dee says:

    Terrible article. No dose makes it hard to guage future reactions, and mixing an unknown chemical with DXM is incredibly stupid, what would happen if 25i-NBOMe had MAO-I properties? Serotonin Syndrome, that’s what! That will land you in the ER or coffin.

    Just because someone survived 5mg of this stuff, doesn’t mean it is “safe and effective”.

    Frankly reading through posts here, I hope to hell people aren’t following your “advice”, you’re a terrible drug user and even an even worse drug educator.

    • h4rdcorelyf3 says:

      ^ Agreed.

      This is really terrible advice, 5 mg is by NO MEANS safe at all. This chemical is extremely potent, dangerous, and undstudied, and overdoses (including deaths) have happened even in the “normal” dosage range. Advising people to combine this with alcohol and especially DXM, yet not sedatives for some reason, makes absolutely no sense. You clearly have no understanding of how these drugs work, and should not give out any more information like this.

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