February Contest – Shameless Self Spammation

Posted: February 16, 2012 by Esteban in Contests

February’s contest is simple. We have started a fundraiser to help us cover printing costs. Yes, we set out to do a fundraiser during the shortest month of the year. That’s how ass backwards motivated and perseverant we are. All you need to do is share our IndieGoGo page on your social network. Tweet us, facebook us, put us on your linkedin, soundcloud, or embed in your girlfriends tramp stamp. It’s that simple, folks and fiends.

Here is a little something for your trouble:

  • Stylish, sexy, and specialized UVSF baby doll tees, v-necks and T-shirts, boxer shorts, panties and thongs.
  • We still have a few more LIMITED EDITION UVSF PIPES left! Get yours before they become an artifact!
  • Exclusive guest list access for you and a friend to your choice of several secret parties happening at different locations throughout the month! Ooooh, secret prize…

So get crackin and spammin! Here is the code for you to copy and paste EVERYWHERE:



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