Fiendish Affiliates – Deals and Discounts

By Esteban

Now available to our Facebook fans is the wonderful world of Ultra Vulgar Super Sponsors who shamelessly support your local fiends.

Dr. Susan Block Sex Institute

Why you need it – Scratch that itch you just can’t reach by yourself with the help of Dr. Susan Block and friends. This Yale alumni Sexologist provides an array of services, from live streaming porn to phone-in sex therapy, all of your fantasies and desires are just a phone call away from being fulfilled. Hit the banner for a VIP membership through UVSF or call 213.670.0066.

Tattoo Avenue

Why you need it – Hollywood tattoo parlors are a dime a dozen, but why stumble into one on the Boulevard at the advise of your piss drunk friends when you can see a seasoned professional tattoo artist like Jon Vivo, tattoo artist of the stars, over at Tattoo Avenue on 5415 Santa Monica Blvd. Tell them your with Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend for a 20% discount on your ink artwork and body piercings! Don’t be a pussy, your body was made to be abused this way.

Tabu Smoke Shop

Why you need it – Of all the smoke shops in La-La-Land, why choose Tabu? Besides being the only smoke shop around that sponsors Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend and the undeniably chill staff, you can find only the highest quality of everything in smoke culture accessories at Tabu for a fraction of the cost at any other crack den of a smoke shop you might hesitate to wander into around Hollywood. It also helps that you get 50% off all purchases when you print out this ad. Located at 6315 Hollywood Blvd, ask to have your pipe embroidered  with a UVSF logo for Ultra Savings!