Freq Nasty – Low Frequency Pureland EP

Posted: December 17, 2011 by Esteban in Loud Music

            The underground bass fiend from down under strikes again, delivering unto us bass addicts a 3 track EP, Low FreQuency Pureland. Clocking in at just under 15 minutes in length, the EP packs a punch that will give your sub a run for its money. While soundcloud fans were privy to some earlier cuts of each song, the finished pieces have clearly been honed to something resembling ear-shattering perfection. Still, subtly alternate remixes exist for each song.

“Warm Dark Place”, the first track on Pureland, has a steady build and catchy beat with those wobble, laser, acid, and crunchy noises we’ve come to expect from Freq Nasty. “1,000 Buddhas”, the original title of the EP, follows with the unique drum patterns and metallic frequency shifting flow that only FreQ could provide. Finally, “The Heart of Definite Meaning” closes the trinity with a lonely analogue piano accompanied by dubstep drum glitches. This track is more glitch than bass, but still holds true to its Low FreQuency namesake.

One of the kings of the underground electronic music scene, Freq Nasty gives us just a taste of the new direction in which he is headed with his next album. As dubstep fades into the mainstream and new sounds take shape, we adventure into new sonic territory while fans wait in anticipation with heads solemnly perched on def bass speakers.

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