Getting Down on St. Patrick’s Day [Events, Music & Free Alcohol]

Posted: March 16, 2012 by Esteban in Events - On the Town

The existence of a holiday whose origin revolves around drinking entirely too much alcohol is either a comical social commentary on human nature, or a great fucking party. Regardless, St. Patrick’s is a time to responsibly test the boundaries of the growing sexual tension of your closest friends and alcohol poisoning and, so of course Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend feels it necessary to advocate all of this as best we can.

Firstly, don’t forget about our March Contest. There is still time to claim your free swag we are giving away by sending us your Lascivious Limericks in honor of St. Patrick’s! We are handing out more new music and alcohol than you could ever buy with a pot o’ gold.


The Santa Monica Pub Crawl & Day Beer Garden is a tradition as old as inebriation itself. Starting at 12 noon at 3110 Lounge, located 3110 Main Street Santa Monica, participants will be given a map of local bars with drink specials including $3 Drafts, $4 wells, $5 shots, and beer stations. Music by the infamous DJ Prophecy. Expect Irish party favors, décor, and fashion straight from Ireland. Practice those Irish accents and get ready for to smooch some Irishmen!

Get the full day of drinking deets here!


Want to take your St. Paddy’s Day festivities to the next level? Slacker Radio just launched St. Patrick’s Day Radio, the perfect accompaniment to green beer and corned beef.

Well-versed in Irish music of past and present, Flogging Molly has hand-selected each track on St. Patrick’s Day Radio, and they are thrilled to share the songs they love with Slacker listeners. This completely free station also includes exclusive commentary by the band on the tracks that have inspired and influenced them most.


Last but not least, if you find yourself playing bartender today don’t forget about our St. Patrick’s cocktail recipes courtesy of Voli low calorie Vodka! Get your Weekly Train Wreck on and keep their fit figure.

As a fun little sidequest open to all this St. Patty’s, see how many strangers you can make out with before you learn their name. Take a few pictures and send them our way. Girls, wear green lipstick for added effect. Guys, make sure you are carrying mints with you at all times. In turn, we’ll send you – you guessed it – more free alcohol!

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