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Posted: February 20, 2012 by Esteban in Pragmatic Profligacy

When you have a habit, it can become expensive. I’m not exclusively talking about narcotics here, but gourmet food, fashion boutiques, live music shows (my favorite addiction), online dating, abortions – when considering contemporary capitalism, it becomes easy to turn anything into heroin. That is precisely why you should be saving time, money, and felony charges by supplementing your prescription medicine (or street prescriptions)  with legal herbal highs. A present rarity in local head shops, herbals are almost exclusively sold through the wonderful black market that is the internet. We recently met a representative of Red Dawn Party Supplies who hooked us up with some samples so we could see what all the buzz was about.



                When given these I was specifically instructed not to take them before I go to sleep. Anxious to try them out, the night following our return from Vegas, I spotted them laying about the bags of swag we procured and hastily gulped them down, if for no other reason than to get some work done.

I had heard plenty of Phenibut, the primary psychoactive here, and was excited to try it. When I saw the other actives, caffeine and GABA, I was sold. On paper it sounded like a good experience. In practice, it was even better. Just as Catrina described to me, Sleepwalker is akin to “Walking around with your head in the clouds.” I was relaxed, yet alert. It was like a speedball, but without the intense physical strain put on one’s body. Needless to say, plenty of work was done that night. Sleepwalker is certainly worth a trail for interested parties.



These are packaged in a tiny round plastic container with 3 bars with 4 segments and are nearly identically resemble the real deal. Each one of these tombstones has enough Blue Lotus in them to taste downright despicable, but work exactly as advertised. You’re not going to fool a benzo junkie, but the chillout factor is undeniable. The slight sedation is prevalent; acute memory loss is not. If you have real anxiety problems, I imagine this will take the edge off. If you have a hardcore benzo tolerance like some of our writers, these alone will not quite do the trick, but are rather effective in combination with other herbals or medicine. Blue Lotus is absolutely worth adding to anyone’s herbal cache.


Vector Shot

This shit is the real deal. For energy that simply blows those generic caffeine based energy shots you find at gas stations out of the water, and added warmth all through your guttywotts, Vector liquid energy is legit as far as herbals go. Not to be taken lightly, but rather sipped generously, this stuff will kick your ass if you let it. While no substitute for hard drugs, Vector is much easier on your body and perfect for dancing, chilling, and fucking. Resist any intuition you might have to chug down the whole bottle at one unless you want to spend the night puking your guts up in public restrooms at every casino in Las Vegas.



Now, I cannot vouch specifically for the Red Dawn brand of Kratom, however, the fact that this is a product which they offer is respectable. If you haven’t heard of it, you are behind the times. Kratom is a widely used opiate inhibitor herb. It makes a damn good cup of tea and the pills aren’t too shabby either. You can actually find it in a variety of forms and prices around the net, but if you’re stocking up with Red Dawn supplies, why not try this out?

Word to all of my hardcore opiate fiends out there, the potency of Kratom isn’t exactly catered to the opiate tolerant. Junkies might find it a decent resource for killing time in between real hits, but the euphoria value here is rather low. That’s not to say it isn’t without value altogether, as the “chillout” significance here is fantastic as far as herbals go. As with all opiate inhibitors, tolerance and addiction are real.


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