By Esteban

Esteban                                –              Editor in Chief

The original Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend. Esteban has been writing articles, screenplays, novels, essays, poetry, prose, and miscellany witty banter internationally for years now. Fed up with the ceaseless censorship imposed by publishers, he now runs the free speech driven, envelope shoving, morality melting, multi-media magazine you read today.

Ashley Berry             –             Event Managing Editor

Ashley is an avid urban explorer, a casual anthropologist, an armchair psychologist, a passionate admirer of artists, and a lifelong foodie.  She has an intense social curiosity and a tendency to have life-changing conversations with people she meets at bus stops.  She lives her life in a state of constant learning and documents her journey in words and pictures.

Danielle Bauman             –              Sex Journalist

Danielle Bauman has been writing about her dirty deeds since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Fortunately for our readers, her activities have come a long way from spin the bottle and school yard crushes. A native New Yorker, Danielle is brutally honest and ready to set the City of Angeles aflame with her unabashed candor for cunts, cocks and the crazy world of dating. She has been published in The Clackamas Literary Review, and Locust Magazine. She has been a guest panelist on The Dr. Susan Block Show and if you play your cards right she’ll be cumming to a bedroom near you.


                     PK                             –              Senior Photo Editor

PK is a freelance photographer based in West LA.  Originally hailing from the über-vulgar New York City, PK’s art and assignment photography centers around music and performing arts while adding much needed vulgarity into the webosphere.

Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend is now hiring!

If you’ve got a knack for what’s nasty and skill for sin, consider abandoning all inhibitions and seeing how far you can push the first amendment by joining Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend. We are hiring for the following positions:


FASHION WRITER – If you can pull of anything you wear solely because there is a screen test for your wardrobe more intense than Roman Polanski’s new film then you could be our fashionista. Being honest and haughty is a must. Being a hot hater helps. If you know your way around boutiques and designers then it would be a crime to not have you in the freshest fashion shows, launches, and red carpet events to write about.


HEDONISM WRITER – Anyone can make a career out of sex, drugs, and rock n roll… just take a trip down skid row and collect some resumes! If you have the keen linguistic skill and literary playfulness to make writing about your terrible drug habit, alcohol binges, and blackout sexcapades into not only an engaging story but also an entertaining article then you could be the next columnist for “Pragmatic Profligacy”. For the right party animal, this is the laid back gig with complete creative control you wish you had in college – every artist’s dream.


PORN REVIEWER – We need someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands – or minds – filthy… someone who is discerning about dirty pictures… someone who not only likes to watch people fuck, but enjoys a good fuck themselves and knows exactly how to get it. Male or female, we are an equal genitalia employer.


PUBLICIST [intern/entry] – Are you a social butterfly in more established social circles than you can count? You’re in luck because this position requires absolutely no counting! If you have a good communication skill and don’t offend easy, than we will train you in the fine art of PR. Applicants get access to our contact database, get to interface with a wide variety of influential tastemakers, and priceless PR experience.


Email with an attached resume or relevant work, brief bio, and the position you are applying for in the subject. All applicants MUST be over 18. Preferably 21. Sorry, but we won’t be able to get back to all applicants. If you don’t hear back from us, it’s probably because nobody likes you.