K-Son Judah Releases Debut Album “Before the Green Light”

Posted: February 7, 2017 by Esteban in Loud Music

Relentless, vicious, and fearless. Those are the words used to describe the style, the flow, and the swagger of K-Son Judah’s debut album Before the Green Light.

Bringing together the best of the West Coast and the Dirty South in terms of both style and location, K-Son Judah. represents the new Columbus hip-hop community and possesses the quick witted lyrical flow of 2 Chainz, along with and the cut-throat tenacity of Tony Montana.

A K-Son Judah show is an experience you need to see to believe. When he steps onto stage and gets a microphone in his hand, K-Son Judah becomes an unstoppable force of nature to be reckoned with. Wild, crazy and unforgettable things happen at his shows, which is why fans can’t get enough of K-Son Judah.

Check out the video for the smash hit “I Don’t Wanna”, the first release from Before the Green Light mixtape.


Connect with K-Son Judah:

Listen to K-Son Judah’s new album Before the Green Light here, займ долгосрочный мфо

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