LELO Wins Two Awards at the 2016 ETO Awards

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LELO Continues to Slam Desks With Product Awards

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LELO Pleasure Objects

LELO Pleasure Objects

LELO exhibits prime business sense and earns two trophy awards in the Best Luxury Brand and Best Trade Marketing Award categories. LELO CMO goes on to elaborate pertaining to how important the marketing venture has been for the company while appreciation to ETO Awards recognizing the heritage of the LELO organization.

LELO features Swedish design brand products that impress UK’s premier adult industry along Xbiz, East Coast News, Fashion Exposed, AVN Awards to name a few prestigious judges in the pornography industry. Surprisingly, according to sources, the ETO Awards utilizing sincere votes that are contributed by the public, in lieu of industrial investors.

“The ETO Awards are the biggest and longest-running celebration of everything we hold dear in the UK, and it’s always exciting to be nominated by the public. It’s a validation of the hard work we put in year to year,” says Steve Thomson, LELO CMO. “The Best Trade Marketing Award is really significant for us, as we’ve been working hard over the last few months to ensure our strategy was strong, and that we could reinvest in marketing and support. This win goes to show that we’re moving in exactly the right direction and it’s being appreciated.”

The awards came at the same time as the global launch of LELO’s latest product, the HEX™ condom.

Thomson said: “To be recognized as the best luxury brand at the same time as launching the most important product in our history was incredibly heartening. It’s a pleasure to have our heritage honored at exactly the same time that we’re looking to the future.”

LELO Contact: sales@lelo.com

Bonus: LELO has a partnership with Brookstone which was launched on May 13, 2011(http). Brookstone is out of The Venetian, Las Vegas where the LELO Sussurra collection is showcasing intimate apparel, in addition to the Lily, Siri, Alia, and Gigi massagers along with the Flickering Touch selection of oil and candles–online friendly.


Bonus: Beyond the Wave–Trailer





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