LFP, Inc. Loses Bruce David After 40-Years of Service

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Retired Editor-In-Chief and Editorial Director of three years, Bruce David Passes Away Due to ‘Septic’ Shock

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After further research, we learned: Bruce David was a soldier during the World War II era; served in the US Army. He later traveled overseas and was known as a ladykiller that adored women. Later, David became familiar with the adult entertainment industry kingdom of Al Goldstein at ‘Screw’ based out of NYC during the 1970s; also, known as the co-host of ‘Midnight Blue’.

Flynt’s’ ‘Hustler Magazine’ Editor-In-Chief
According to AVN.com’s source, Taylor David (Bruce’s son) comments about his father’s success as a championed writer, journalist, artist, and publisher–a man with many talents. Furthermore, Bruce David’s pieces reflect upon political and investigative works representing the expression of free words (i.e., the First Amendment sponsoring the working-class); scope: pushing the vision of sexual magazine literature towards his keen audience for decades–labeled the ‘stubborn, arrogant …’

Bruce also relentlessly contributed to the content of witty shows–Family Ties and Alf.

LFP, Inc. Employee
Highly valued as a 40-year creator in the world of publishing and fiction-fantasy, Bruce David successfully managed to retire after 40 years amusing and unlocking passions for the audience to endure. His ideas pushed the skills of editorials while applying a strange, outside the box, and sexual persuasion for the fans and mass media-based consumers in the TV and magazine world. According to sources, this particular professional’s expertise and wit will be sadly missed–‘feared him as he was crass, direct with crazy ways, yet at the same time, he was respected, admired and loved… . ‘–AVN.com

Madly Missed: LFP Publications
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‘Asshole of the Month

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