Live: February 19, 2017 -The Golden Age Adult Cinema ‘Tri-Weekend Event’; Part II

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The Golden Age of Adult Cinema Los Angeles Tickets 20 60 at Cupcake Theater. 2017 02 26

The Golden Age of Adult Cinema Los Angeles Tickets 20 60 at Cupcake Theater. 2017 02 26

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The Golden Age Adult Cinema: What Does this Group Do or Believe in?

Making decisions has been the ideal goal in the Adult Entertainment business over the past decades. Hot movies hit the shelves in VHS during the 1980s. Popularly, typical adult industry business partners believe in hard work and getting the job done well. This weekend, four legendary actresses plan to attend their showcase appearance as a follow up act to four other legendary workers.

Expect to see Amber Lynn (age 52), Alana Evans (age 40), Kay Parker (age 72), and Veronica Hart (age 60).

Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn: Bio

Amber Lynn has played a major role in the adult entertainment industry fro approximately 30-years. According to sources, her worker name, ‘Amber Lynn,’ rings today’s ears through 350 sex films and as a host on Amber’s own radio showed called, “Amber Lynn Rock-N-SeXXXy-Uncensored,” on LATalkRadio.

Amber Lynn: Photography Shoots

Amber Lynn: Personal Info.

Place of Birth: Newport Beach, CA
Birthday: September 3, 1964
Height: 5’7”
Specialties: Pornographic film actress, model, and exotic dancer

  • 1987 XRCO Award – Best Supporting Actress in “Taboo 5”
  • 1993 Hot’dOr – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2033 Free speech Coalition – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2007 Adam Film World Guide – Lifetime Achievement Award

Alana Evans

Alana Evans: Bio

As a daughter of a soldier, Alana was born in Kentucky until she moved yanderway into California territory (i.e., San Jose?) along with her mother, after their parent’s divorce (Alana Evans has one sister). Upon early discovery of Alana’s curiosity, she became a bi-sexual at an early age (mating with another women by the age of 17 years old), according to sources (

However, the pressures of American norms pushed Alana into marriage her into marriage with a man named Chris Evans, who also had interests in the adult entertainment industry. In fact, those two began the same genre of business in Northern California; Alana was a dancing exotic stripper under her husband’s wings, visiting and performing in various clubs, ultimately, shooting in porn films by the late 1990s (performing in her first porn shoot when she was 21-years old; and they haven’t stopped ever since. Today, there are over 500 pornographic film starring Alana Evans and one with her as the director.

Alana Evans: Photography Shoots

Alana Evans: Personal Info.

Place of Birth: Fort Campbell, KY
Birthday: July 6, 1976
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 140 lbs
Specialties: Radio voice on the ‘Sirus Satellite Radio Network: Playboy Radido’ and the ‘Spice Radio‘ program named “All Wives Cheat“ on ‘Sirus XM 103.‘

  • XRCO Award [Winner] (2002) – “Unsung Siren”;
  • AVN Award [Winner] (2007) – Best Solo Sex Scene;
  • film, “Corruption”; Hall of Fame [Winner] (2015);
  • film, “Not the Bradys XXX” (2007);
  • film, “Paying the Piper” (2002)


Kay Parker: Bio

Kay Parker joined the pornographic industry during her years as a ‘thirtysomething.’ According to sources, the infamous John Leslie opens the doors of adult film making to Kay by telling her to join him in films. Additionally, pornographic, adult film director talked Kay Parker into performing her first sex scene during the take of the sexy film “Sex world” (1977). Popularly, Kay is well-known for her X-rated roles (landmark) in the film named “Taboo,” where she plays a woman who has sex with her own son.
Kay Parker not only is known for acting in X-rated films, Kay also managed to publish a book about her childhood years overseas, as she flourished into the world of American nudity while near the Pacific Ocean – Autobiography: “Taboo Sacred, Don’t Touch” (ISBN 0971368406 and the revision ISBN: 978-1-36-741153-1).

Kay Parker: Photography Shoots

Kay Parker: Personal Info.

Place of Birth: Birmingham, England
Birthday: August 28, 1944
Height: 5’6
Specialites: Film actress and book author
Achievements: XRCO Hall of Fame and AVN Hall of Fame

Veronica Hart

Veronica Hart: Bio

Jane Esther Hamilton performed under her stage name Veronica Hart during the 1980s. Making pornographic actress and as a current adult film director stimulating for her fans throughout the years. Her performance levels excelled into what she is today – member of the AVN Hall of Fame, while noticeably receiving heckles of encouragement from other famed directors, as director Paul Thomas Anderson, “she is the Meryl Streep of porn.”

According to sources, Veronica experienced tutelage in Las Vegas, NV and successfully completed high school by the time she was 16-years old. Thereafter, her motive changed lanes into theatrical arts where she earned a degree from the University of Nevada.

Veronica Hart: Photography Shoots

Performing in “Amanda by Night,” “Wanda Whips Wall Street,” Roommates,” and “A Scent of Heather”; directed segments of ‘Playboy TV’ and fiddling around with behind the scene endeavors boosted her levels of control and motive. For instance, during the 1990s thru to recent years, Veronica Hart’s motive drove further experience as an editor, director, and producer of more pornographic films. There are also rumors of Hart participating in ‘non-sexual’ theatrical ventures – cameos in both mainstream and adult productions, in addition to her previous acts in off-Broadway theater productions, “The House of Bernarda Alba,” “The Dyke and the Porn Star,” and “The Deep Throat Scandal” (Wikipedia, 2017).

Veronica Hart: Personal Info.

Place of Birth: Las Vegas, NV
Birthday: October 27, 1956
Height: 5’6
Weight: 122 lbs
Specialties: Film actress and book author

  • XRCO Hall of Fame and AVN Hall of Fame;
  • AVN Award – Best Non-Sex performance – “Nylon”;
  • XRCO Award – Best Video: “Torn” (directed and produced by Veronica Hart);
  • XRCO Award – Best Comedy of Parody: Misty Beethoven: The Musical (directed, edited, and produced by Hart);
  • Performing in “Amanda by Night,” “Wanda Whips Wall Street,” Roommates,” and “A Scent of Heather”;
  • Directed segments of ‘Playboy TV’;
  • Appearing in B-Movies;
  • Working as a stripper

What Happens in this Place? What’s Going On?

The live adult audience will endure more stimulating foreplay that deals with the business side of the adult industry. Four beautiful characters set out to show up on Sunday, February 19, 2017 to apply candid conversations to the context of adult movie making (i.e., behind the scenes stories and secrets). David Bertilino’s news show series. “The Golden Age of Adult Cinema” is hosting Alana, Kay, Veronica, and Amber to open up to interviews, followed by a reception for autographs, memorabilia, and more…

Ask: When & What is Next?

Destination: Next Sunday, February 26, 2017 @ 6 PM PST –
Performers: Hyapatia Lee, Kelly Nichols, Annie Sprinkle, and Serna go live
Place: Cupcake Theater, “The Golden Age of Adult Cinema”
Tickets: $25 General admission; $60 VIP Passes

Ask: Where?

Destination: Cupcake Theater, 11020 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood

Feature Image: Copyright: fkdkondmi / 123RF Stock Photo дебетовая карта с процентами

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