LYNX, Queen of Collab, An Interview

Posted: June 5, 2012 by Esteban in Interview, Loud Music

Nowadays most musicians don’t get very far by limiting themselves to a single niche. That’s why becoming proficient with multiple instrument becomes not only an asset, but a increasingly popular paradigm. The multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, beatboxing champion of the people, LYNX, has been taking the underground music world by storm for years now. After a stellar set at Lightning in a Bottle, she gratefully takes to time to share a few words while decompressing in her dressing room.

How are you enjoying LIB thus far?

It’s amazing. I think this is my 6th or 7th time at this festival.

Really? Concurrently?


Do you have any new collaborations coming out?

Definitely. I have a new song with Beats Antique. Sidecar Tommy and I wrote another new track and he is actually co-producing my new album. Jesse Rose and I did a collaboration for her title track on her album. My good friend Christopher, who was up there playing guitar [during my set] we did a collaboration as well.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about! I was speaking with an amateur singer/songwriter earlier and she was just aghast at all of the different appearances and collaborations you do.

What is the name of your new album coming out?

It’s called Light up Your Lantern.

You closed your set with the title track from that album. A great song! What was the inspiration for that one?

I actually wrote it shortly after the earthquake in Japan and the whole Fukashima incident. This was also when Occupy Wall Street was at its peak. “Blind to the money, proud of the few. You can see the bombs bursting, feel the heat, but what can you do? It’s a treacherous world and it’s tried and it’s true. It’s a treacherous tide, when it turns what can you do?” It’s all about nature being bigger than us. We are the ants, but humans are amazing with their ability to strive and rebuild.

Were you actively involved in Occupy Oakland?

Yeah, absolutely. I was down there a few times. I did some performances there. Big ups on that movement. It’s good to see people at least talking about things and having that conversation. That is the most important part, no matter what the outcome it. We want the world to change, but I think the start of that is talking about that is going on.

Talking about the situation is the first step toward a revolution.


And a nonviolent revolution at that. A lot of people would say that we are currently in the midst of a musical revolution. What do you feel the outcome of that is going to be?

I feel like the thing that was happening in the 60s and 70s that was driving the revolution were those anthemic songs.

Like civil right?

Civil right as well as the whole counter culture rising. I hope to contribute to something people feel like is their own. That folk tradition of telling the story of our time.

Do you feel like your music is greatly inspired by these counter culture, modern day civil rights movements?

Yeah, I mean, the different archetypes of the human struggle throughout time while trying to make a small difference. I have a lyric in the song, “The Fog” that goes “the water drips through the stone”, what that is what it is. No matter how long it takes, it will.

Now where can people hear some of these new songs you have coming up?

My website is and the new ones will be up there soon. The new album with Sidecar Tommy won’t be ready until the fall, but we’ll have a stellar music video with “Light up Your Lantern” that Mr. Cohen directed.

What does that video look like?

We shot in some amazing locations in the bay including the Labyrinths and the Oakland hills. And an actual pirate ship in the rain.

You guys do a lot of pillaging?

Oh yeah. In the best way possible.

Great. We look forward to seeing that on the website soon. Lynx, you live performance is really something. You play multiple instruments, you beatbox, do sing. Now, do you plan all of this out beforehand or how much of it is improved?

I have a loose idea of what I’m going to do but I try to go off of what the crowd is feeling. I’ve been trying to play a lot more live things on guitar and mandolin as well as beatboxing. You know, trying to help that folk aspect come back into the electronic world and vice versa. Seeing that the two can totally intertwine.

Is that reflected on your new album as well?

For sure. I’ve been listening to a lot of 90s R&B, so there is a bit of that feel as well.

All of these genres just blend into one awesome form of music.

How do you prepare for a performance where you are flowing in between all of these different forms of music?

Mostly it’s the awesome friends around me. They really inspire me and although I am up there on stage by myself most of the time, that’s definitely not the case as far as the vibe of the music when it is a whole community effort. I wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for anyone collaborating with me from the get go when I was 18. I hope to be able to help others come up as well.

That’s so good to hear. Lynx, if money wasn’t an issue what sort of elaborate live performance would you like to out on?

Well, I’m from Colorado, so my dream is to sell out Red Rock. To have an orchestra and a crazy set design. Kind of pirate, turn of the century, kind of feel. A full live band with the electronic as well.

I would love to see that happen.

Really, I just want to give my parents the red carpet treatment. They’ve helped me so much along the way.

Awesome. Upcoming shows?

I’ve got a festival in Vermont, Priceless here in California, something in New York City, a festival in Maryland, and a festival in Michigan. This fall I’ll be back on the road supporting my new album.

That sounds great. We’ll be sure to catch you in the Fall at an LA performance, then. Thank you very much for speaking with me.

Thank you!




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