ManIntheMiddle’s [Aqua Soap] New Novel: The Insight (Purpose and Context)

Posted: July 26, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Film Freaks, Interview, Preview
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Quintin Goynes Sr.’s NEW Novel 

This new book is filled with interesting characters; warriors (kings, goddesses, and maidens) who exquisitely perform out of pure lust and curiosities. As I began creating this novel my ideas swindle the girth of certain beliefs and attitudes (without bowing down to change; sticking with the artistic value of exploration)…

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To repair the dilemma, I chose to include expensive resources (i.e., jewelry) to bring out the true essence of why we, as culture filled people, demand more and more out of the old portions of the Earth; also, including the perspective that an archaic dictator-based government continues to distract or deter our needs to travel and gather while searching for our own personal pleasures,. Furthermore, the curiosity of the characters of this book vote to explore the different regions of a full-figured that was left after an unspoken war in the Pacific; two mountains (East and South), the valley, beaches, and inland waters; however, with no desert to be seen.

Author’s Note

Moreover, extreme incidents continue to flow page after page. My idea remains to design and develop a place where readers and writers are enabled to retreat into day or night, which was easy to complete–this is my first fantasy (erotic) book. Fortunately, slamming everything together is a breeze because I have multitudes of places to create. The only issue: characters have to fit properly into every scene, so there will be a series to follow this debut novel.
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