Marty Party – Six Shots of Jameson (Review & Free Download)

Posted: February 1, 2012 by Esteban in Loud Music

Just release from South African native Marty Folb, better known as Marty Party, is his hottest record to date, Six Shots of Jameson, the second in his “Purple” series of recordings. When last I spoke to Marty Party at last year’s Monsters of Bass tour, he told me that, in addition to his music being heavily influenced by the war in Libya, he had crafted a curve to predict “The next big musical movement”

                “There is a curve. You look at the fans. Who the people buy for the most amount of time is the use. What do the kids want? They are spelling love with plastic beads and I’m in love with it. The energy of everyone doing something together when they’re on drugs is so comforting. The same thing happened to the Dutch with trance; it’s like rock, you’re part of the concept. I think it has emerged and I think electronic is going to be the new rock. Its party energy combine with sexy energy combine with hits and hooks, radio music, pop music, culture, fashion, politics, it’s going to change everything. The power of the internet is coming through the speakers. It’s a revolution, like Libya. “

-Marty Party in an interview with MXDWN Magazine, 2011, by Esteban.

Six Shot begins smoothly with the chill dub beats of his single, “Just Because of you”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Addicted to Money” is a mellow dubstep dance track that is a very pleasant change from the endless hard, epic stabs of in-your-face bro-step that is otherwise saturating the scene. “I’m the shit Bitch” demonstrates the profound R&B and gangster rap influences Marty incorporates into his productions and what you would imagine Dre’s beats would sound like if he produced dubstep. “Lookin’ for Trouble” perfectly illustrates the archetype of Marty’s inventive new “purple music” sound, exemplified by Ableton’s bouncy frequency shifting operator drones, touching on both the lowest and highest ends of frequency keys (For those of you who aren’t music producers, please treat this description as if it were written in Chinese.). The drum patterns found through the album sound like what you would find on a 90’s Wu-Tang album with a little Akon R&B drumming peppered in for that seductive taste.

Fans of Marty Party will immediately notice the difference between Six Shots and his older stuff as well and Panty Raid. By combining multiple types of popular emerging music, Marty Party paves the way for his own brand of yet another chill new subgenre. After listening to Six Shots, We are left wondering two things: 1. How will this release effect Marty’s production with Panty Raid, and 2. How much weed was smoked during the course of this recording? My guess is the perfect amount.

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