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Posted: September 13, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music
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Don’t Forget to Remember


Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees- is definitely not the music you are about to hear when you listen to Micky Dolenz’ newest album Remember. What you will hear is a magnificent collection of oldies, remixed and revamped. Micky brings these classic hits to a new light, and transforms them into his own masterpieces. Bringing a familiar style but definitely a lot more flair to these classic songs we all love.


Micky kicks the album off with a song originally written by The Beatles entitled “Good Morning”. Micky’s version is a great cover that almost makes you wonder if it is the original because of how comfortable and deliberate it sounds. Micky really has the ability to croon and make the listener feel like everything is good and there is no reason to worry. The classic tune also being a very optimistic song to begin with helps this effect. This effect is also present in the song “Diary” made famous by the band Bread. Although this track is slightly darker, Dolenz brings it all back to a optimistic state.

“Johnny B. Goode” is the one song Micky covers that could be a bit surprising. The twist he gives the song is amazing. Don’t think Chuck Berry because there is a new sheriff in town and it sure as hell isn’t Marty McFly either. Micky Dolenz brings more country feel (much like most of the album) to a rockabilly classic that will live on for years to come. This exhibits some excellent guitar playing on an acoustic guitar, which is certainly a different experience compared to the original. This is definitely another wonderful track to add to Remember’s hot track list.


The crown jewel of this album happens to be the second song on the album. You may be familiar with the original song by Three Dog Night entitled, “An Old Fashioned Love Song”. This has always been a favorite on oldies radio stations since the day it was considered an oldie. Micky yet again makes his own song out of it, and does it at grandeur status. The scat section of the song is greatly outdone by Micky and he brings some soul with it so Louis Armstrong might need to watch out.


Remember is an awesome addition to Micky Dolenz’ already impressive track record. Having been a part of one of the most popular pop bands in the 60’s and followed success in his solo career. This collection is appropriate for everybody, and almost any age group would find pleasure in listening to it. If you are stuck in a long car ride with the parents, throw on the new Micky Dolenz joint and everybody wins. Introduce the young ones to some classic music with this amazing album. Don’t forget to Remember to get the new album by Micky Dolenz.


-Butch Cassidy



  1. Pat Smith says:

    Too bad Butch can’t spell MICKY correctly! There is no E in Micky…just look at the title.

  2. Job says:

    it is a great CD isn’t it? I love the new arrangement of Randy Scouse Git! Nice review, but I’m afraid you’ve placed the Monkees in the wrong decade. They were in the 60’s not the 70’s. 😉

  3. jank brock says:

    thanks for review check is in the mail.
    M. Dolenz

  4. Randy says:

    Sorry, I think that choral rendition of “Do Not Ask For Love” is the crown jewel. All those voices from one man with no studio trickery. This proves Dolenz is one of the very best of the rock era, and he did it at an age where most male singers have lost half their range

    • Calvin says:

      I agree with the “do not ask for love” comment. although this is a great album, a bit surprising as they are not straight forward covers but more thoughtful and more involved than most cover versions are. I have always loved this song (with Micky’s vocal not Peter’s). So it’s great to hear it again, and this new version got my love from the start (considering how much I love the original I was skeptical this may not go over right, but wow!) I want him to make as many albums as he can…as this one and King for a Day were welcome additions to his catalog

  5. Shawna Watson says:

    Yep you did good on the whole thing.

  6. Shawna Watson says:

    You did good on the whole thing.

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