MindGreek’s 2013 ‘RedTube’ Investment Prepares to Distribute Its [Print] Magazine

Posted: July 30, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Featured Fuck, Film Freaks, Interview, Preview
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News is Official: RedTube Goes Print After Three Years Under MindGreek

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The RedTube adult content distributor has already schedule magazine debuts just in time to fill stockings with additional pictorials to aid Playboy magazine enthusiasts in recovery. According to their Vice President, the content and layouts will continue in digital and print. With 10-years of experience under RedTube’s brand, the fantasy (adult-male oriented) content is in safe hands; distributing fascinating layouts of art, culture, technology, politics, media, and celebrity news.


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‘RedTube Magazine’ Plans to Release in December 2016

In addition to its exotic website, RedTube reaches out to the adult magazine audience (18+ age requirement). According to sources, the sensually intense magazine version is in print and digital format–‘RedTube Magazine’; planned to release during the cold season of December 2016. Moreover, as an industry leader in men’s content the RedTube brand sets out to continue providing excellent choices of pictorials and intelligent articles to their RedTube customer-base that enhances their rating in the adult entertainment industry. Ideally, the content remains the same: “the sexiest, exclusive content … the very best in art, culture, tech, vice, politic, media, and celebrity… focus[ing] towards the trends that drive us in contemporary America today.”

This particular move is important because the RedTube name has been out on the market for 10 years now–Alex Taylor, VP, ‘RedTube.’ According to web-based AVN.com (first author: Rhett Pardon, JUL 2016), “this is the right time for RedTube Magazine, particularly since Playboy magazine went PG-13 and pulled pictures of fully nude women earlier this year.” With that said, Ultra’vulgar’SUPER’fiend’ agrees that the movement of pure art continues to venture out onto another level; regardless.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, and London
Website: www.redtube.com/

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  1. Adele says:

    My highlight of this performance was the fact that we got a clearer view of Shintaro than we did in previous inamllstents.lol i think i’ve been watching these SK lives so i play the Find Shin game XDI immediate liked it a whole lot better because Yabu did Yamada‘s solo parts and he did them well. Also, it was refreshing to see Daiki and Takaki making a rare appearance on YYJ.i feel like this will make a very nice BEST song too *shot* XD

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