November Contest – Vulgar Texts

Posted: November 9, 2011 by Esteban in Contests

Because of Thanksgiving, this month’s swag grab bag includes a plethora of munchies gift cards.
Send in your offensive, crazy, or just plain WTF text messages on the facebook page and you will be entered into Novembers giveaway. The best submissions will win something sick from our swag grab bag!

November Swag Grab Bag Contents:

  • UVSF glass pipes.
  • UVSF t-shirts.
  • UVSF panties, thongs, and boxers.
  • Various munchies gift certificates  including In-n-Out, Starbucks, Roscoes and more.
  • A wealth of Trojan Ecstasy and Pleasure Pack condoms [unused, even!].

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