Scandi Mankind detonate a scuzz-tastic new single- Spector, The Doors, The Strokes (TLOBF, NME)

The Scandi garage-alt-rocky Mankind releases a new scuzz-tastic single’Three Handfuls Of Dirt’  Out Spring 2017

Ingenious, dark and distorted – meet the Swedish underground indie-rock four-piece MANKIND. With their previous releases leaving the Stockholm underground and warehouse scene well and truly shaken, MANKIND are back with a new single from their upcoming EP “Death”. With Sweden already getting drunk on disorder, it’s about time the rest of mankind joined the madness.


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“Twitchily rhythmic, wan indie, with some pretensions towards epic, ringing guitars, and vocals that express rapture and longing, often at once” –
The Guardian

“Intricate guitar pop framed by Local Natives-like harmonies and Bombay Bicycle Club briskness.” – Q Magazine

“Lush atmosphere with dream-like guitars and melodies with some pretty huge choruses as well.” – The 405

“Dramatic dream-pop” – Noisey

“Rigid yet sanguine… with achingly euphoric lyricism” – SPIN

“Singalong melodies and moody dances” – Consequence Of Sound

“Power musicianship sitting alongside some deeply personal lyrics” – Clash

Every body knows a ‘close talker’ in life, right? Not just because of the infamous Seinfeld episode, but maybe a work colleague, a family member or a drinking buddy; there’s always one that gets too close for comfort. Close Talker the band, are now a three-piece alternative indie rock band from the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan with members Will Quiring (Vox), Matt Kopperud (Guitar) and Chris Morien (Drums) making up the numbers.

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Close Talker

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The song was co-written with the producer of the song Yoad Nevo (London based producer known for his work with Sia, Pet Shop Boys and more). Influenced by pop music from the 90’s, with a more up to date production, shifting between soft clean pop to rock elements, giving a more powerful messy feel to the song. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch “Return to Your First Love” by Sarantos

Posted: April 21, 2017 by Esteban in Loud Music

Watch “Return to Your First Love” – Sarantos Official Music Video – New Pop Folk Song

Sarantos is back with a brand new single. This time he’s paired it with a music video and chapter from a book. Listen to Sarantos “Why Ask Why” on SoundCloud here or watch the video on YouTube here.

You can find out more about Sarantos and “Why Ask Why” at Melogia here.

What do Pokemon Go and Nikki Minaj have in common? Nothing, except that Tywon Mikado raps about both of them. Tywon Mikado recently announced that we will be releasing a new track as an homage to Nikki.

And Pokemon? Well, you just gotta catch em all, right? Listen to Tywon Mikado’s “Pokemon Go” on SoundCloud here and stay tuned for his upcoming release, “Nikki Minaj”.

Nikki Minaj to follow Pokemon Go, Two New Singles by Tywon Mikado

Relentless, vicious, and fearless. Those are the words used to describe the style, the flow, and the swagger of Tywon Mikado. A Tywon Mikado show is an experience you need to see to believe. When he steps onto stage and gets a microphone in his hand, Tywon Mikado becomes an unstoppable force of nature to be reckoned with. Wild, crazy and unforgettable things happen at his shows, which is why fans can’t get enough of Tywon Mikado.

Watch Tywon Mikado’s music video for “Turn Up” on YouTube here.

Follow Tywon Mikado on Facebook here, Twitter here, or listen to new Tywon Mikado music on SoundCloud here and iTunes here.

Beverly Kills is a clothing brand inspired by a side of society most choose not to see. How in pursuit of success and fame, people can change, get lost, lose their morals, forget their integrity, and can turn into someone else.

These shirts show how when people get caught up in glitz and glam, parties and events, their dreams and aspirations disappear. Their focus shifts to finding the fastest way to “stardom” by any means necessary. No one considers the work, sacrifices, dedication, and talent it takes to become successful… Their mission statement in life is, “I want to be famous!”

This is what we consider the Beverly Kills lifestyle.

With bold t-shirts featuring powerful messages such as “Stay Humble or Be Humbled”, “Ego Kills Talent”, and “Integrity- Error: Word Not Found”, these shirts cause an immediate reaction whenever they are seen in public- anyone wearing them gets stopped for a closer look at the shirt. Even the logo calls attention to itself- a striking design inspired by iconic imagery, but with the Beverly Kills brand signature dark spin.

These t-shirts have a look and a message that has struck a chord in people from all walks of life, including major rock stars, A- list actors, models, WWE wrestlers and UFC fighters. Just to name a few, our shirts have been seen on celebrities from current WWE Superstar Sasha Banks, WWE Hall of Fame Stone Cold Steve Austin, to UFC legend Randy Couture, and to top charting rock bands such as Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch. Most recently, Johnny Depp wore one of our shirts on stage playing with his rock supergroup “Hollywood Vampires”, featuring Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

If this message doesn’t relate to you- it’s probably about you.

Learn more about the brand at Connect with Beverly Kills on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Pick and choose from a bunch of genres with famous exotic performers.

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The Golden Age of Adult Cinema Los Angeles Tickets 20 60 at Cupcake Theater. 2017 02 26

The Golden Age of Adult Cinema Los Angeles Tickets 20 60 at Cupcake Theater. 2017 02 26

Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddle[qg]

The Golden Age Adult Cinema: What Does this Group Do or Believe in?

Making decisions has been the ideal goal in the Adult Entertainment business over the past decades. Hot movies hit the shelves in VHS during the 1980s. Popularly, typical adult industry business partners believe in hard work and getting the job done well. This weekend, four legendary actresses plan to attend their showcase appearance as a follow up act to four other legendary workers.

Expect to see Amber Lynn (age 52), Alana Evans (age 40), Kay Parker (age 72), and Veronica Hart (age 60). Read the rest of this entry »

Country music artist, Calle Ameln, Famous for his country rock n roll songs like “Pardon My French” and “Salty Dog”, just released a cover of Bon Jovi’s “In These Arms”. Listen to Calle Ameln’s version of the Bon Jovi classic, “In These Arms” here.

Bon Jovi is back.  Well, technically, he never went anywhere. No, he didn’t die in 2016 along with all of our favorite artists. He is still alive and well and a brand new cover by Calle Ameln is breathing new life into an old classic.

Country music artist, Calle Ameln, Famous for his country rock n roll songs like “Pardon My French” and “Salty Dog”, just released a cover of Bon Jovi’s “In These Arms”. Listen to Calle Ameln’s version of the Bon Jovi classic, “In These Arms” here.

With a background in hard rock and metal, Swedish-born singer and songwriter Calle Ameln took country music by storm with his widely-acclaimed EP, Revolution on the Rocks. Listen to Revolution on the Rocks here.