Internet Successor: Pornography Takes Reign

Posted: August 9, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Film Freaks
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Quintin Goynes | UltraVulgarSUPERfiend

Recently, Rightside contributed to the growth of adult entertainment– via the Internet–when Rightside sold two cam sites for over $280K. According to sources, this endeavor promotes what the Internet first began–the spread of adult porn. Out of Kirkland, WA reports say the Domain name service sold (price $160,000) and (price $120,000); both of which rank above the rest in gTDL category sales. After the purchases by an unnamed owner, both sites plan on continuing camming live: 

“The .live extension is particularly attractive … we are starting to see by celebrities and organizations, big, small, or domains ending with .live to facilitate their live content.” Additionally, the porn industry plans to support more releases and venues to keep the reputations of the Internet valid, “And as much as the adult entertainment industry has the Internet to thank for its size, the Internet itself can thank pornography for a great deal of its early and current innovation, too, said Rightside.”— Rheft Pardon, ‘XBIZ’

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