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Posted: January 28, 2012 by Esteban in Events - On the Town, Loud Music

By Esteban

In a tiny, posh studio nestled adjacent to the cornfields in Downtown LA, the newly opened punk rock museum is not what you would expect. A spotless museum with electric pink and black walls showcase various artwork in mixed media’s like you would see at any museum. But this isn’t any museum; this is the punk rock museum.

Curated by legendary retired punker Taquila Mockingbird herself, the museum is comprised of over a hundred pieces of punk inspired paintings, vintage photos, and memorabilia. You won’t find any Planet Hollywood garbage behind glass here; instead the displays are, “like stepping into a punk rock time machine.” Taquila explains. “We are getting new items in from all over the world every day.” She continues. “Soon, we are going to take this museum on a world tour.”

Taquila has big plans for the future of the museum, which is open until March 17th and located at 1640 N Spring St. Their location next door to a larger, vacant studio is a prime spot for a punk venue. She shows me the empty room, complete with stage set-up and disco ball. It is not unlike Downtown venue, The Smell, only this place is actually tolerable. “We are also having a show on Valentine’s day, basically as a fuck you to the holiday altogether.” Taquila goes on to mention that she may be collaborating with Keith Morris, former Circle Jerks frontman now playing with OFF, as well as other surprise living punk legends. Punk may be dead, but after seeing this museum no one can deny that the spirit lives on.


  1. andre lambert says:

    i frikkin love this PLACE!

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